Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is comprehensive web-based cloud computing services provided by Amazon to the companies located in different countries of the world for the smooth running of their business operations. Amazon provides a host of services under AWS including mobile services, Internet of Things (IoT), compute, storage, content delivery, networking services, database, analytics, enterprise applications, management tools, security and identity services, application services and many other services. AWS provides cloud solutions for websites like backup & recovery, archiving, disaster & recovery, testing and development.

It also gives cloud support for financial services, digital marketing, big data, high-performance computing, E-commerce, media & entertainment, mobile services and a host of other domains. We at ZeroZilla have a talented team of AWS developers, who develop robust and effective AWS solutions for your business needs. We offer Amazon web hosting services at affordable cost.

Why choose ZeroZilla for AWS-based services?

  • Our AWS developers are highly experienced in designing cloud-based solutions and have 15+ years of industry experience.
  • You can migrate your entire IT infrastructure to AWS cloud platform through our migration services.
  • The AWS developers in ZeroZilla have extensive knowledge in PaaS, IaaS and Hybrid models of AWS platform.
  • Your vast databases can be extensively migrated to AWS SQL database with the help of our AWS experts.
  • We give comprehensive guidance on various AWS products and services like analytics, IoT, networking services, big data, E-commerce solutions and other such services and solutions.

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Why consider AWS for your business?

  • AWS platform comes with ease of use; it allows ISVs, vendors and application providers to securely host their applications by using AWS's application hosting platform.
  • This platform is highly flexible as it allows choosing the software of your choice, the database of your choice, the operating system and web application platform of your choice, making the migration of existing applications easy and also provides open options for building new solutions based on AWS.
  • AWS platform is highly cost-effective as you are paying only for resources that you are using and there are no prior contracts or upfront commitments.
  • By using AWS, you are utilizing a global infrastructure which is highly scalable, secure and reliable and is successfully running the multi-billion dollar business of Amazon for over a decade.
  • The applications that you build using AWS or host in AWS can scale up or down depending on the demand by using Elastic load balancing, Auto scaling and other AWS tools. You can access the 'compute' and storage resources when you need them as it is backed by Amazon's massive infrastructure.
  • Amazon uses operational, physical and software measures for securing the mammoth AWS platform and infrastructure and uses end-to-end approach to harden the infrastructure against security risks.

The AWS-based services provided by ZeroZilla are

  • We provide scalable, reliable and low-cost AWS web hosting services to host your websites and web applications.
  • Effective AWS solutions for backup and disaster recovery are provided by us.
  • Data archiving solutions based on AWS, at affordable costs are provided by us.
  • We employ DevOps practices in building and delivering AWS-based products.
  • Using AWS platform, we build and deploy secure and highly scalable big data applications.
  • We connect various devices communicating with each other through the 'Internet of Things' deployed over cloud on AWS platform.
  • We assist business establishments in maintenance and management by deploying low-cost business applications over cloud platform using AWS.
  • We provide cloud solutions to accelerate API's, video content and websites using AWS.
  • A plethora of services are provided by us that will assist developers in developing mobile apps using AWS platform which will grow by millions of users globally.
  • We assist e-commerce businesses,by providing highly scalable, secure and reliable solutions for online sales and retail.