7 Things About Hire WordPress Agency Your Boss Wants To Know

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7 Things About Hire WordPress Agency Your Boss Wants To Know

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ZeroZilla Technologies located at Bangalore in India is one among the top ten best web development companies in the world providing best in class WordPress web development services.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source web development framework used in making highly dynamic and interactive web pages, web applications and web services.

What is WordPress Developer?

WordPress developer is a person who is an expert in developing highly interactive and dynamic websites, web applications, mobile applications and web services using WordPress.

The team of WordPress professionals in ZeroZilla are well versed in custom WordPress development, development of WordPress mobile theme, WordPress applications and others to do best WordPress designs. In ZeroZilla, we hire India’s best WordPress Specialists, WordPress Consultants, WordPress Experts and WordPress freelancers for our WordPress Company. Our company also has highly experienced WordPress website developers and WordPress plugin developers who work with their full potential to complete WordPress projects of our clients within the given deadline. We always hire the best WordPress developers who can code WordPress with complete dedication.

It is hard to find a WordPress developer well versed in WordPress programming, who can be called as a WordPress Guru in the job market today. Hence, we hire WordPress programmers who can do custom WordPress website development to suit the exact business requirements of our clients. ZeroZilla Technologies is a WordPress development agency providing WordPress services and WordPress site development services with the best quality and at affordable costs to our clients. Our company is always on the lookout to hire WordPress developers and searches top job websites where ‘WordPress designers for hire’ options are there. Being highly competent in WordPress web designing, our WordPress designers do top-notch custom WordPress development. Depending on the size of the project we get, we hire WordPress experts for different WordPress roles in our company. We can also exclusively design WordPress development tutorial if such project comes from an educational company running tutorial websites.

Services provided by us

Development of CMS

CMS (Content Management system) is an integral part of WordPress and is also an open source technology. As it is open source, it is highly customizable and there is scope for development. Our WordPress experts are highly versatile in WordPress CMS customization and provide our clients with WordPress websites, WordPress applications and WordPress services to suit their design and business requirements.

Standards Compliant

The WordPress websites, WordPress applications and WordPress services provided by our WordPress developers at ZeroZilla are all compliant with the W3C standards.

Custom Plugin Development

We at ZeroZilla Technologies provide customized plugins development, which is feature-rich to enhance the functionality of the client’s websites, web applications and web services. The WordPress designers in ZeroZilla can develop a variety of customized plugins to meet the ever-changing business needs of the clients.

Template Design for WordPress

ZeroZilla Technologies has a competent team of WordPress designers who can design a plethora of templates for clients with varying business needs. We specialize in designing WordPress templates for hotels, real estate agencies, travel blogs, ticketing agencies, educational websites and many other such organizations.

Support & Maintenance

WordPress websites, WordPress applications and other WordPress services require constant maintenance and updating for the smooth running of business operations for a client. We at ZeroZilla provide continuous support and maintenance services to our clients in order to keep them up and running at an affordable monthly fee.

Installing & Configuring WordPress

As the clients and their staff may not have the necessary expertise in WordPress, we provide complete installation and configuration services in WordPress for them. Our technical team is highly well-versed in WordPress software, and they can prove to be the best back-end support for the smooth running of business operations at the client place.

Responsive Website Development

ZeroZilla Technologies is known for integrating responsive website design with WordPress development in creating websites that are suitable to all screen sizes and adaptable to all kinds of devices like iPhone, iPad, Desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, phablet and other such devices. The clients can get excellent image quality, user experience and readability across all devices.

SEO Services

We provide comprehensive SEO services so that the client’s website developed using WordPress ranks high in the organic search results or SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Page). The content layout that we design will complement the website design and the keywords will enhance the ranking of the client’s websites.

WordPress Migration Services

We at ZeroZilla, provide migration services to clients who want to migrate from existing CMS like Drupal, Joomla and others to WordPress CMS. Our migration services are hassle-free and affordable. The WordPress CMS is mobile friendly, SEO friendly & flexible and it can be customized to suit the client’s requirements.

WordPress Themes

We provide different WordPress themes which provide different front-end styling to your WordPress sites. Our bouquets of themes are suitable for SME’s, large enterprises, educational institutions, and any other organizations. The WordPress themes that we provide enhance the readability, design, fonts, presentation, colour scheme and other aspects of your WordPress website.

I want to conclude by saying that ZeroZilla Technologies is one of the best WordPress development agencies in the world. You can always approach us with all your WordPress development needs. We cater to SME’s and large enterprises as well. Our WordPress development services come with unmatched quality and highest perfection.

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