Best way to promote your tourism agency through social media

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Best way to promote your tourism agency through social media

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There are numerous ways available today to promote your business. Social media is a platform where one can drive instantaneous traffic to your travel agency website. Through the aid of social media the results are prompt, you post about your offers on social media and you see the interaction right away, you see if people respond well to what you’re offering or not. If not you can get an idea about what and how to change and can do those changes right away and improve your strategy.

Talking about the social networks available nowadays, there is a non-exhaustive list available. But the point lies in which is the one you choose and concentrate on. If you don’t have a lot of time you should hand pick 1-2 and stick with them. On the other hand, if you have a little more time on your hands though I suggest you go with all the top social media platforms as they can all have a different impact and drive different kinds of traffic to your website.

1.Facebook: Facebook is the social platform with the highest number of users so there definitely are a lot of leads for you here. With facebook, any post can become viral as soon as you share it within no time.

  • Create your facebook page: Make a page that has all the relevant information and content to your travel business. Use photos that have large swaths of blue in them, i.e. sky or sea. These get the most engagement. Engage them with insights and tips. It is fine to post some specials or deals, but a Facebook page is best used when it’s less about selling and more about engaging with fans and being helpful with your knowledge. Ask some of your friends to like it so it doesn’t look like a newly created page and it has a couple of likes.
  • Promote your page: There are 2 ways to do this: if you have the money and want to, you can try Facebook ads a little or promote your Facebook page for free. You’re going to join groups and share and post in those groups about your page. Groups are a huge part of Facebook and a lot of people use them for different reasons so why not use them to your benefit. Some groups can be huge and have hundreds of thousands of members.

2.Pinterest: Pinterest is a photo sharing website. You have access to a lot of amazing photos of all those exotic destinations and guess what – Pinterest users love amazing photos.

  • Create Pinterest boards: You may create/sort them on destination. All you need is to keep adding 5-10 photos each day to all the boards, all using your site’s url.
  • Start following other people and re-pinning other people’s pins.

3.Instagram: Instgram is a mobile photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos. Other popular ways to promote your tourism business would include Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. So, keep liking, posting and sharing!

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