Digital Marketing Strategy for B2C Websites

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Digital Marketing Strategy for B2C Websites

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Tips Regarding Digital Marketing Strategy for B2C Websites

In the modern business world B2C websites are totally different from B2B websites. B2C websites are business to customer connecting websites, whereas B2B websites are business to business connecting websites. The digital marketing strategy to be adopted for B2C websites has to be completely different when compared to the digital marketing strategy for B2B websites. For B2C websites, the digital marketing campaigns should be personalized and more customer centric. The websites should be simple, clutter free and convey required information to the point. Some of the tips regarding digital marketing strategy for B2C websites are:

SEO Optimized Website

Your B2C website must be Search engine optimization compliant, if the website needs to come up in higher rankings in the search engine results. You can plan your keywords with Google adwords keyword tool. You can do SEO by altering article titles, URL’s, Meta tags, alt tags, image names and other SEO options.

Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Today everyone’s life is delegated by smart phones. So, it is not good to miss out on mobile friendly websites. Google has an entire search list dedicated to mobile friendly websites and it is planning to make it the primary search page. People often browse for required products and services using a smartphone and do a purchase on the mobile itself. Hence you can attract more mobile using customers to your website if it is mobile-friendly.

More Secured Websites

When you develop a B2C website, design it to be secured, which means it has to be with HTTPS protocol instead of the usual HTTP protocol. Google nowadays is providing higher rankings only to secured websites in its search engine results. Secured website means your B2C website becomes more trustworthy and also safe from malware, adware and virus attacks.

Start a Blog

Whichever small business you may have, start a blog in your website regarding the products and services that you are offering. Plan curious titles for your blogs and convey the most important information the consumer wants to know about your products and services through your blog. It is the most cost effective way of digital marketing for your products and services.

Use Instagram

Instagram is an effective way of making your products and services popular across the internet. Colorful images, videos and info-graphics related to your products and services can be posted in instagram as a part of your digital marketing efforts. Instagram campaigns must be colorful, informative and attractive to attract more leads to your website and convert them to customers.

Social Media Channels

Use your social media channels like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others for popularizing your B2C website. Share your blogs, info-graphics, videos, social posts across your social media channels highlighting your products and services. With social media marketing efforts you can earn reviews, create awareness regarding your new products and services, create a personality for your brand, run campaigns and do a host of other stuff to make your website famous.

Use Pay per Click Ads

Pay per Click ads are the most efficient and cost effective way of attracting customers to your B2C website. These ads will be placed at the top of the search engine results and the clicks on them will take the users to your website. As a person placing the PPC ad, you will only have to pay a fixed amount per click to the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Do Email Marketing

Along with other social media channels, email marketing is also an effective way of marketing your B2C website. Email marketing helps you to be in touch with past customers and also gives you undisclosed leads. It also helps you in conveying information regarding new product releases, product updates and corporate news regarding your company to your customers.

Do Video Marketing

Put more video content regarding your products and services in your B2C website and see the magic of leads turning to customers. Videos always engage your audience and give a real feel of your products and services to your customers. Share such videos across social media channels, through emails and popularize your B2C website. Hence, I can infer that business owners can earn maximum returns on their investment by doing above mentioned digital marketing efforts for their B2C websites. You need to gear up and set the sail for doing your best.

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