Digital Marketing Strategy For Real Estate

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy For Real Estate

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Digital marketing is the most easiest and efficient way to market your business. For a business to thrive, it needs to stay in touch with its customers by regular interactions on digital media viz. its website, social media, email marketing, Blogging, Pay Per Click,etc. Automate your marketing by pre-building marketing automations, re-engage, and follow up with the people who matter to you.

  • Email marketing: Create email campaigns and send newsletters, share some big news, or tell a story, to stay connected to the users; it may help drive traffic to the website. Also, encourage subscriptions and social media shares to generate business.
  • Content updation: Create content that is unique, compelling, and states core message. Prioritize your content and make strategic content marketing plan document for it. While making content keep in mind your target audience and henceforth, optimize your content for promotion.
  • Social Media: Buyers must be able to take a virtual tour of the homes before they actually take a walkthrough of homes. Share videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google+, etc where millions of people join it every day and attract buyers. You may even set up your own YouTube channel for your business.
  • Application:Nowadays, most of thepurchases are made on mobile devices as it increases versatility and saves time. So, a mobile-friendly app is required to engage users.
  • Blogs, Reviews & check-ins: Just having a lot of engaging and perfectly written articles on your blog and websites and attract a huge number of customers to your website/ business. Also, ask your customers to make check-ins on social media and leave reviews on your website about their purchase experience.

Other strategies include making the most of your website, include software to streamline your online marketing, 49% gain is from personal referrals and former clients who send their friends to you.Apart from Google search engine, also include the Yahoo and Bing in your platform to get a steady market share. Use Google Analytics to assess who views your website, when they view, and where they view and know customer behavior.

The buyers do extensive research online before actually making their final purchase. Thus, making it is mandatory for every real estate organization to have an online presence which must be optimized via digital marketing. Give your customers highly personalized attention/service, recommendations, etc., right from your very first interaction with them to gain their confidence. Be a specialized expert in selecting a few options and give them an everlasting experience.

As per a survey, 92% of all home buyers use internet at the same point of time to search property, 87% of all buyers who work with agents trust the as good information source. Whereas, 42% of all home buyers used the internet as a first step in their home search, 14% of all home buyers looked online information about the buying process.

Digital marketing increases the number of lead generation by 300%. If you are nowhere near digital marketing then you are missing a pool of opportunities.

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