Importance of Digital marketing to generate 10X Business for E-Commerce companies

Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital marketing to generate 10X Business for E-Commerce companies

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The modern day business world has become a hub for e-commerce and many e-commerce websites have started across different segments like food delivery, clothing, accessories, grocery, medicines and many more in India. These e-commerce websites are fighting for a major chunk of the e-commerce market share. This competition has led to the need of effective marketing strategies resulting in more customer database and generating more leads for e-commerce websites. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Voonik, Swiggy and many other e-commerce websites in India have earned reputation because of their wide reach and marketing efforts.

As the marketing is done over digital media through internet for e-commerce websites, it came to be known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is a vast subject in itself covering search engine marketing, website optimization, digital display ads, YouTube advertisement, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, data analytics and other genres. Comprehensive digital marketing strategies aim at increasing the conversion rate, revenue and traffic for e-commerce websites.

Digital Marketing to Boost E-Commerce Websites

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is placing paid ads in result pages of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These ads are also known as Pay per Click ads or PPC ads. E-Commerce companies can be highly benefitted by these ads as they want to increase the traffic to their website and gain high conversion rate. Conversion rate here means the number of people coming to your website and then buying your product or service. E-Commerce companies need to pay a fixed rate per click only on number of clicks made on the ad. The e-commerce websites can bid for keywords and place their ads in relevant keyword related search pages.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is optimizing a particular website for traffic, speed, conversion rate and other factors. E-Commerce websites make highest ROI with web optimization efforts due to increased traffic, conversion rate and high speeds of loading for the websites. Nowadays optimizing the website for different devices like smart phones, tablets, I Pad and others will also increase the effectiveness of e-commerce websites.

YouTube Advertisement

The e-commerce companies across various business segments can make most out of the ads placed in YouTube channel. YouTube has a behemoth reach in terms of visitors and you can easily attract these visitors to your e-commerce website to become your prospective customers. The advertising e-commerce companies need to pay only when their ads are watched for more than 30 seconds. It is highly cost effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most important part of digital marketing efforts and does wonders in increasing traffic to your website. SEO involves the use of keywords in the website content, tags, metadata, alt text for images and other places to increase the page ranking in the organic SERP’s (search engine result page) of prominent search engines. SEO is highly cost effective way of grabbing the attention of prospective customers for e-commerce websites, when the website comes in the first page of the search engine results for the related keyword. You need only pay for getting SEO services for optimizing your website.

Email Marketing

Emails are like modern digital postman carrying your information to multitude of people at the same time. Unlike the old postal mails, emails can carry videos, images, documents and can be lot more interactive. Hence, e-commerce websites find emails as a means to put across their words to prospective consumers. This is highly effective way of communicating& attracting your prospective customers and you need not pay a dime.

Social Media Marketing

This the age of social media and the common educated people spend more time in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for entertainment, information and education. The e-commerce companies can reach to huge number of people through the social media channels. Hence informative posts on your products & services across Facebook, informative tweets related to your products and services across Twitter will bring you a sea of people and that too at zero cost.

Mobile Marketing

Having Your own mobile application for your e-commerce company will bring fortunes to your company. In this smart phone age majority of people are engaged in buying and selling various products and services using their mobiles or smart phones. Hence mobile marketing efforts are must for e-commerce websites to attract more people, generate high revenue and increase traffic to their website. Effective use of SMS/MMS marketing strategies also constitutes mobile marketing efforts.

Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is the collection of qualitative and quantitative data of your online business and that of your competitors to analyze the website use, website traffic, profit margin and other related data to take business decisions to improve your online business and to make customer experience better. E-Commerce companies can highly benefit from data analytics to analyze the customer traffic, use of website and mobile app and profit margin to devise strategies to improvise.

Digital marketing efforts including SEO are sure to rule the marketing strategies for e-commerce companies. The e-commerce companies and startups across retail sectors like grocery, clothing, medicines, food delivery, mobile repair, home maintenance services, beauty services and host of other sectors must choose from the above stated digital marketing efforts to suit their needs. Surely digital marketing efforts along with SEO will generate 10X business for e-commerce companies.

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