Latest 6 Tricks to Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly

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Latest 6 Tricks to Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making the visibility of a webpage/ website ranked higher on the search results page. The more the frequent a site appears in search results list, the more the visitors will be received by the website, thus they can then be converted into customers. Optimization can be described as the implementation of a set of search engine standards that also target on the best possible user experience.

Therefore, to increase traffic on your website, you will require to have brilliant SEO techniques to get a higher ranking on the search results page. A business must ensure certain keywords in the postings on their website, social media, blog posts, etc. to attain the same. In addition to accessibility in terms of web crawlers (addressed above), user web accessibility has become increasingly important for SEO. However, they fail mostly to make their web design SEO friendly. Here are few tricks to make your web design SEO friendly:

1.Integration of SEO with the Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

The URL of any website must be simple, relevant, compelling, accurate straightforward and meaningful. It is very important to include SEO in the URL as it improves links, ranking and user experience.

Make sure that the design of your website is accessible so that it doesn’t affect your ranking and conversion rates. It should be easily loaded and then be viewable from all the browsers available otherwise the customers may exit away with buying anything.

2.Integration of SEO with the content on the website

The website is the first point of contact for any customer with the business. The content on it must not have excessive use of keywords as is not a user friendly practice. Developing quality content is important but it’s not the only part of your strategy that must be optimized. Include SEO so as to improve both functionality and crawl-ability.

3.Integrate Social Media into your Website’s Design

The social media includes mainly social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. which allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers. Make sure that you include your social media icons and, for all of your social media accounts.

4.Use SEO for Images Too

Most of the times, people will only optimize text and forget the same for the images. When selecting an image for your website, make sure that it is not too large as it will make your site load slowly.

5.Place your keywords at different places

Despite of optimizing mostly the core web content with keywords, you may also use them to optimize web design, social media, images, etc.

6.Stay away from using too much of Flash Elements

Excessive use of flash could divert users from your website. It may also affect you website’s search engine ranking. Flash doesn’t benefit your website’s SEO anyway. If you are going to use flash on your website, make sure that you do it sparingly. By making your web design more SEO friendly using the above tips and tricks, you can improve your company’s visibility, ranking and divert large traffic.

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