Latest Trends to Look Out for in Google AdWords

Latest Trends to Look Out for in Google AdWords
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Latest Trends to Look Out for in Google AdWords

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Google AdWords is an incredible marketing tool launched by Google in Search Engine Marketing arena. You can plan keywords, analyze them, place PPC ads, study customer traffic and do a host of other things with Google AdWords. It allows small, medium and large business owners to launch business campaigns and attract customers to their website. Google AdWords has been constantly evolving since its inception. Google is into constant experimentation with Google AdWords to make it more customer and business friendly. The new technological advancements are finding their place in Google AdWords. Let us find out regarding the latest trends in Google AdWords:

Use of Machine Learning

  • The future roadmap for Google is based on Machine learning and artificial intelligence. After the Google marketing next event, machine learning is being used in every invention in search marketing developed by Google. Smart display campaigns earlier announced by Google completely rely on artificial intelligence for their execution.
  • An enquiry into the contextual meaning of queries whether they are related to recent news versus a consumer product is being answered for by an update to Ad rank thresholds.
  • Google stepped ahead in the machine learning segment by expanding the meaning of close variants in exact match and said that it may discard ‘ignore word order’ and ‘add or ignore function words’ in exact match keywords.

Attribution & Conversion Tracking

  • The launch of Google attribution brought with it the demise of AdWords converted clicks. Google AdWords and analytics gave a glimpse of attribution data, but Google attribution takes in more multichannel conversion data feeds back into AdWords for bidding strategies.
  • Google added one more feather to its cap by including ‘maximize conversions’ to its set of automated bidding strategies. You can easily import your offline conversions into AdWords using this tool.
  • Google’s in-store sales measurement programs help in tracking online to offline conversions. The retailer can load his own loyalty card or customer email lists in AdWords or the in-store sales conversions automatically show up in Google AdWords. Google is tied up with various financial vendors and through this network it can get access to nearly 70% of the total credit card transactions in U.S.

Target Audience

  • Putting audience at the center of all search marketing campaigns has been a major trend being followed since long.
  • Google in the beginning of 2017 introduced ‘In-market audiences’&’similar audiences’ for search & shopping.

Changes in User Interface

  • Google AdWords rolled in a new feature for advertisers to see historical Quality Score data. An overhaul is being done in the user interface of AdWords for bidding interface, which shows bid suggestions for various page positions.
  • The AdWords UI has a new interface being added for advertisers to explore AdWords Next, which showcases the upcoming new features in AdWords.

Featured Ads

  • Dynamic search ads got extra page feeds and supported expanded text ads. Headlines for both are dynamically generated and the extra characters in the description are awarded to advertisers.
  • The new Google’s Ad label for text ads got a green outline and it has become official outline for all text ads.
  • Google is testing second description line for expanded text ads and it has been a limited testing. Price extensions were introduced on all devices in a carousel.
  • Google extended the automated call extension program for more advertisers. Google pulled phone numbers of companies from their website, which did not have call extensions.
  • Several newbies were announced for call ads. Call only ads had their headlines as default and call extensions could be configured at account level. The keyword and ad levels included the new reporting columns for phone impressions and calls.
  • Google’s new beta points the advertisers ads to AMP enabled landing pages. AMP enabled landing pages are attractive and lightning fast giving an incredible user experience.
  • The above mentioned trends in Google AdWords will rule the search engine marketing segment this year. Search marketers around the world should follow these trends in their business endeavors, if they want to attract more customers to their business and increase profits.