SEO is The Best Digital Marketing Option, Why?

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SEO is The Best Digital Marketing Option, Why?

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Millions of websites are running in the rat race of getting higher Google rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) of Google. Only a few succeed in it and get listed on the first page of Google SERPs. Google keeps on changing its algorithms every now and then. But the one criterion of Google of ranking the websites based on the targeted keywords has been a constant feature of Google algorithms. Search Engine Optimization or SEO caters to this feature by optimizing the website with selected keywords. SEO also works beyond this by technically optimizing the website and building links from other important websites.

Few reasons for the SEO being the best digital marketing option for business owners are:

Helps in brand building

SEO promotes the use of original content on the website with the use of targeted keywords. More people will visit your website if you have attractive original content. Your brand name will grow stronger and you will be able to reach out to a large number of customers beyond geographical boundaries.

More devices to browse

With a plethora of devices like mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, tablets and others, the number of people searching for topics, services and products is increasing day by day. SEO helps in optimizing your website across all these devices and hence brings continuously increasing traffic to your website.

Continuous traffic to your website

If you use SEO techniques and come on the first page of Google search engine results, then half of your war is won. You will keep on getting the residual traffic from search engines without the need of doing anything. Further, if you aim for targeted keywords, then you can be sure that the visitors coming to your website are qualified leads searching for the particular product or service that you offer.

SEO is cost-effective

If you hire competent SEO experts for doing SEO for your website, you can save big time on costs and gain more effective results. It will eventually get your site higher rankings in Google search engine results increasing your inbound traffic and giving you quality leads, thus increasing your business. SEO is the most effective way of digital marketing when compared to other methods of digital marketing.

Be visible to your target audience

Your website will not be visible to your target audience in first three pages of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) if you fail to do SEO for your website. The customers can open your website, only when it responds to the commonly used search keywords related to your product or service that too in the first three pages of Google search engine results.

Building Relationships

SEO helps in building nurturing relationships with other renowned companies in the concerned field or in any other field by getting backlinks from their websites. If your website is back-linked by a renowned website, it will automatically increase your credibility and the trust among your website visitors on your brand.

Best Return on Investment (ROI)

When you invest in something you expect the best returns from that investment and this holds good for SEO as well. SEO gives the highest returns on investment and these returns are long-term and sustainable. Initially, it may take 3 to 4 months for seeing the long-term SEO related effects but these benefits will be constant over a long period of time.


We can infer that investing on SEO is a wise decision which will positively build your brand, grow your customer base, increase your Google SERP rankings and bring in more qualified leads to achieve phenomenal business success.