Top 4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Website Sales Leads

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Top 4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Website Sales Leads

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Gone are the days when hundreds of telephone callers would make cold calls to thousands of so-called customers in the hope of getting a sales lead. We have to be grateful for the internet which has paved the way for companies in reaching thousands of customers through social media, emails, Google search, Google AdWords and by other such means. But all the visitors coming to your website and filling your online form cannot be regarded as qualifying sales leads. Hence, you should have an effective lead qualification system if you want to prevent every visitor to your site from qualifying for sales leads even if they have come to your site with a job seeking intention. Therefore, let us first understand the difference between a ‘lead’ and a ‘qualified lead’.


  • The leads can be at any point in the conversion funnel.
  • They will not be in a position to afford your products and services.
  • The website visitors whose details are captured through an online form and added to your database.

Qualified Lead

  • The qualified leads will be really interested in making a purchase, and they will be indulged in comparison shopping.
  • They will be willing to buy your products and services within a set time and budget.
  • These qualified leads will be progressing according to your lead nurture cycle.

Both ‘leads’ and ‘qualified leads’ are generated through social media channels and Google AdWords. There is a need for clear-cut differentiation between ‘leads’ and ‘qualified leads’, otherwise, it will result in useless prospecting for unproductive leads.

Some of the ways of improving the quality of your website’s sales leads are:

Use Google Analytics

‘Google Analytics’ is one of the best tools available which will help you in analysing the users visiting your website. You come to know on which landing pages the visitors arrived, what they did, time of their website access, the location of the user and many other such related data. With the help of Google analytics, you can also analyse whether the user just viewed the web page that brought them to your page or stayed on the page and got converted to leads. By studying these patterns you can infer which leads can be qualified leads and which inbound marketing efforts were successful.

Create Quality Content

The higher the quality of website content you provide the more qualified leads you will attract to your website. Research has shown that the qualified leads will cross almost two-thirds of the product buying procedure before they actually contact the vendor. During all the buying stages, the qualified leads will educate themselves with the content provided regarding the product or service on the website. Hence, providing a customer friendly content will make their day. If you are planning for any blogs for your website then consult your sales team regarding the regular questions they get and try to answer those questions through your blog posts. You can also hold a discussion regarding the common problems which the users are facing and possible solutions devised by customers and write blog posts on them.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best inbound digital marketing technique which has been proven to generate leads. SEO makes use of the keywords, internal linking, backlinking, anchor texts and other techniques to achieve higher ranking in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). In general sense, SEO is based on those search phrases which the user uses to search a particular product or service. Hence, only the qualified leads searching for the related products or services are led to the concerned websites through SERP’s.

Use Social Media

Social media channels are the best way for marketing, and they generate qualified leads. In the modern day business world, all products and services have their social media presence. The companies do their web promotions or new product or new update releases by collaborating with one of the social media outlets. This news release will be shared by the followers of the company with their friends and followers and the chain continues infinitely. Hence, social media provides a free way of marketing to large chunks of the population without any monetary risks. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others are constantly partnering with reputed companies helping them in their digital marketing efforts. As only the people interested in buying your services and products act on these social messages, the website will get a large number of qualified leads.

I want to conclude by saying that by adopting the above-stated techniques, you can improve the quality of sales leads generated by your website. You can eventually convert the normal sales leads into the qualified sales leads increasing the productivity and profits of your company.

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