The ultimate cheat sheet on online marketing

The ultimate cheat sheet on online marketing
Digital Marketing

The ultimate cheat sheet on online marketing

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For any business firm these days, there are numerous ways to market themselves but to decide on a perfect strategy could be difficult. If you opt for print media or TV advertisement, it may be over budget. So, the fastest and the cheapest method to reach your consumers nowadays is Internet. Taking steps towards online marketing needs your online presence which includes a website, blogs, social media profile etc. Let us now discuss each of these in brief.

Website is the first point of interaction with any customer so it must provide thorough information about your business that customers want to know. The content on it must be unique, engaging and updated from time to time. With a good content, you can give your business a new identity. The UI/UX should be engaging.

Blogging is basically aggregating the selected feeds on a specific topic, product or a service that provides a combined view for its readers. Just having a lot of engaging and perfectly written articles on your blog and websites about your products and services can attract a huge number of customers to your business.

Social Media marketing

The social media marketing includes mainly social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. which allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers. A place small businesses can create their loyalty and brand name with a very less or no cost. The only thing you have to do is to regularly post advantages in the form of images & videos of your products and services related to your business on these profiles and you can gather a huge following and make a brand of yourselves.

Email marketing

Yet another online marketing tool is email marketing. From the subject line to the email footer, every section of your email contributes to its overall ability to convert. There are several tactics for emailing your customers like promoting new products, giving some offers/coupons, taking feedback, or just a personal mail from CEO. Automated email marketing can be used to push your deals and offers to the customer’s inbox like cart abandonment etc.

Other ways to market may include is mobile marketing, create how-to videos, have a press release, etc. Now a press release isn’t limited to print publication only, in fact, you can distribute them via social media profiles, your company website and emails. You may even provide incentives to attract customers. Loyalty program lets you collect valuable contact information that will help build your own marketing database. Loyalty is a great method to say thanks to your own best customers; nonetheless they furthermore really encourage repeat business.

With increasing usage of mobile phones by customers, SEO related marketing relevance is decreasing. Most prominent source of SEO being Google, which constantly updates its algorithms; it’s hard to stay up-to-date with it all. Practical SEO tips and best practices help implement everything from market and competitor research to on-page and off-page. The SEO ensures that the content and websites are getting searched and seen by your target audience.

Once the goals are being set and the Key performance indicators have been selected, monitoring these signals should become an everyday exercise. Few of the KPI includes the unique, new, retention and total number of visitors.