4 ways to improve your website conversion rate with SEO

4 ways to improve your website conversion rate with SEO
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4 ways to improve your website conversion rate with SEO

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4 ways to improve your website conversion rate with SEO

When you successfully drive more traffic to your website, your focus is on increasing your conversion rate. SEO and conversion optimization is a multistep process in marketing your business. Google focus is on predicting and addressing visitors’ behaviour online, you should use SEO and CRO (Conversion rate Optimization)strategies together.
CRO strategies are based on data from SEO results, as it is heavily data-driven. SEO helps visitors find your website whereas CRO helps them engage with your website.

So here are a few steps to implement in order to increase your conversion rate with SEO.

1. Make your entry page is grabbing attention.

SEO budget and massive pay-per-click ads can drive high- quality traffic to your website. Make sure your landing page is essentially optimized.
A great headline gives the visitor a quick overview of your offer and gives them a reason to stay on the page. Make sure your landing page is visually appealing-design. Also, an effective call to action commands encourages the visitors to complete the action. Make a clear offer on your landing page to make the process smoother for the visitor. Your landing page must build trust and display credibility. Make sure you ask the required information that you need. But keep one thing in mind that ‘Less form fields are always better’. And make sure your landing page is with no-distraction, there should be no external links that pull away from the visitor.

2.The benefit of your service/product.

Clearly, state how your product/service’s potential to your customer. Be specific in your headline how exactly your product/service can solve their problem. Include video and testimonials to explain about your services and how easily they can get connected with you by redirecting them to CTA (call to action) button. And make sure your CTA button has variations on your particular services.
Provide visitors to all the necessary information about your product/service they need to know. And let them know what’s special is your product/service. Make your visitors get excited about your attractive content about your product/service.

3.Comparison with the competitors and reviews.

The benefit of adding product comparison to your site is that the visitors need not go to another site to compare. Be specific on how your product/service is different from your competitor. And provide all the necessary information to prove your product/service is superior. And provide a creative way to compare your product.

And offer a price-match guarantee also. To make it easier for the potential buyer include a live chat option so that they can get answers to their queries/concerns.
Provide your complete contact info to the buyer in an easily accessible location.
And most buying decisions are influenced by consumer reviews. Make sure you include your consumer reviews on your site. In order to increase your sales include related recommended product/services you offer.

4. Easily accessible.

Do not confuse your customers by giving too many options. Make it clear and simple actions to be taken to finish the deal. Do not force your users to sign up, keep the form field section as simple as possible or keep it as optional. Offer bonus discounts at a checkout. Also including social proof helps reduce risk and increase conversions.
Along with this test, your website’s page load time on both desktop and mobile devices to ensure your page load time are quick enough and bearable by the visitor.
One last tip is that find out what works for your business better by considering visual changes and risk-avoiding factors in your site.