5 Latest Trends in Online Product Marketing Services in India, You Can’t Ignore

5 Latest Trends in Online Product Marketing Services in India, You Can't Ignore
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5 Latest Trends in Online Product Marketing Services in India, You Can’t Ignore

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5 Latest Trends in Online Product Marketing Services in India, You Can’t Ignore

This is a period of the modern digital era. We can’t ignore digitalising ourself in the current scenario. In India, currently there are around 450 million internet users and this number is likely to double in the upcoming years.  If you are looking to launch new Product or Market your existing line of products, then these are the 5 Latest trends in Online Product Marketing Services in India which you can’t ignore.

  1. Video Ads: A Sensory marketing Technique

A survey says that 40% of Indians prefer to watch advertisements in a video form on their phone or other media. This survey also shows that most of the ads are watched while playing games and watching videos on Youtube. The visual attraction is increased in the new digital age. It is surveyed that there is a 60% increase in the consumption of video ads compared to 2017. The need for video ads is increasing day by day for any business.

This can be attributed to various elements like a drastic reduction in the data price in India, digitalising various day to day activities, addiction to mobiles, etc. It is said that on an average over 40% of people view their mobile phones over 6 times a day. The amount of video-based ads are much higher than text-based ads.

Video ads in between games, make one to view it in order to get some points in the game. This makes the reach of the product easier and much more viable. Videos lead to better storytelling and better assessment of the product. Anything visual and interesting will have a direct impact on the sensory part which in turn makes the audience of the ad to search for the particular product they see in the ad. The impact on the audience is very high in visual video ads in comparison to the text ads. Hence this is one of the best modern-day marketing tools for products.

  1. Social Media: A direct impact Marketing :

Social Media Marketing has changed the way how brands communicate with the audience. Social Media is not just a networking tool. But it is one of the best ways to reach out your products. It offers various range right from marketing your product to selling it online. So if you are looking for product marketing then it has become absolutely necessary to focus on this area for marketing.

With the increase in the accessibility of the internet, the need for social media marketing is increasing day by day. Around 1 Billion people use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn, each of them having sophisticated advertising platforms that can help brands & marketers reach the audience. It is found that mobile users spend nearly 80% of the time on social media platforms. This throws open a wide marketplace for any product manufacturers and services to market their product. Around 60% of the global internet users use online to research products online.

Now a day, social media has opened up the huge marketplace to sell the products in B2B or B2C. It has a complete solution from marketing to sales all under one platform of social media. This is done by producing multimedia based contents, posting customised postings for individual social media platforms, building the brand name for the product using various other techniques. There is a lot of possibilities that the customer trust you more with social media presence. It also opens up a great platform to answer the customer queries online. This increases the review on the products which will help in shooting up your sales.

  1. Marketing Automation

This is another means of reaching the customer digitally with your products. There are various tools which do this job That is mass emailing the details of the product. A study shows that around 25% of the automated mail, reaches the targeted audience which in turn converts into sales.

Marketing Automation is a new evolving trend in India. This is growing day by day. This has increased the quality lead generation by 50%. We can say Marketing Automation is one of the best things happened by Digital Marketing realms.  Especially Email Automation is one of the functionality which makes a mundane task simpler and the reach is much higher when it comes to automation. Efficient automation will magnify the product details to the audience and automatically increase the reach to the targeted audience. This will help engage customers via multiple touch points like web, email, mobile, etc. hence it allows the user to get the crux of the product easily and on tips.

  1. Reputation Management: Your pride is safe digitally

Any business would like to have a positive influence on its audience in order to make them remembered and sustain in the market for long. The internet now makes it easy to maintain your reputation. The reputation of a business may account for around 30 per cent of its sales value. Therefore the implications of the reputation management in multiplied considering the sales and revenue it generates.

In order to have a positive reputation online, you need to have lots of positive feedback and less or no negative content about the business online. A study indicates that a business or product gets its 90% consumer traffic based on search engine results. This has a direct link to reputation management. This involves step-by-step strategical management online in order to brand your image positively online.

This also involves continuous monitoring of your brand or product online which is a very effective way to keep track of the digital reputation. Online reviews create a great impact on the mindset of the audience who wish to purchase products. The strategy of this should be based on the target audience, product portfolio and business goals.

Reputation management is a methodology in which the research is done on the existing reputation and close monitoring is done on the ongoing comments and reviews on the product or business. Fixing the reputation optimally is the ideal way to bring in more exposure to the product.

  1. Blogs and Mobile Apps: Key to your revenue

A blog is one of the key ways to share information online and keep the audience posted on the latest trends and stuff regularly. This engages the readers and helps to increase the reach of the product online. In Digital marketing, blog writing and promoting via blog plays a very important role in increasing the reach of the product.

Getting comments, shares and positive review of the product through blogs makes i market the product stand out in an online platform. The blog offers a platform to view the questions by the audience and it allows you to answer their queries online. This creates a branding to the product which has a direct take on the sales and revenue of the business.

On the other hand, mobile apps increase the nearness to the customer. According to a recent survey, people spend 80% of their time browsing mobile apps. Mobile apps make the customer interested in the product as it gives a different picture at their fingertips. There are many benefits to the customer. Their purchase of any product will be just a click away. There will be higher visibility to the customer on the new launch of any product or any upgrade immediately. This also provides timely alerts to the user which attracts all generation of customer.

It also indicates if there are any discount sales on any products. This helps to attract more customer base. the mobile apps can be innovative so that it will help in increasing the sales and revenue.

In the new age Digital India, you can’t miss getting digitalised. There is a drastic increase in the usage of digital media for all-purpose, especially marketing. And it is expected to increase further in the near future as we are almost completely moving to the digital country. India is one of the fastest growing digital countries in the world. Hence online marketing is the key to success in business. It has become an inevitable need of the hour. The smarter you are you digitally market your product has become the new mantra for business marketing.

Online marketing is the best way to begin to buckle ourselves for a completely digitalised India. So what are you waiting for? Just sell your product in the latest trends which you can’t avoid.