A comprehensive guide to generate potential leads by content marketing

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A comprehensive guide to generate potential leads by content marketing

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Are you an entrepreneur?
If yes, you must be aware of the impact of your business online presence these days!
For any business, marketing plays a key role in its success! There are 2 ways of marketing
Both platforms require proper execution of the marketing plan.
Today lets discuss the possible ways of marketing online, and how you can achieve great success by following these measurable tactics!
In any online marketing program,

3 things play a major role
1. User-friendly website or mobile app(Allows consumers amazing user experience & the ease of shopping with you make them come to your site again & buy the service with you)
2. Search engine optimization (bcoz that’s how u Drive traffic to your site, A well-optimized website with the relevant keywords boost your sales. And the results are long-lasting.
3. Reputation Management(Your online reputation makes a visitor to take a call whether to buy a service with u or not! And this helps in the brand recall/brand association.

Online marketing program can make your business scale up the sales effectively and relatively more.

Having said that let’s get started on how one can effectively market their product /service and generate qualified leads in the online world!

For better understanding,
Let’s take the example of Coaching services
Like brand consultation, motivational speaking or a business coaching etc

You have your website/mobile app with all of your offerings, about you/or company and contact details!


This can be done by SEO, SEM, SMM, EM, & many more

Whatever the type of marketing program you plan, CONTENT is all that you need.
Content can be in any form,
1. Video
2. Blog
3. Infographic
4. Podcast etc

Do you think putting off your offerings in blog/banner/video/infographic will drive you qualified leads?
How often you buy any product/service by just seeing an advertisement on TV/RADIO/DIGITAL MEDIA?
You will think twice, thrice right?

Just the publication of the content can’t generate leads, only an effective way of content marketing can yield you with higher engagement & eventual sales.
Which is that “EFFECTIVE WAY”?
Hmmm, before that lets clear-out few on-going doubts on your mind!

  • How content can be used to create brand awareness?
  • How to keep people engaged with the content?
  • How can you promote the products and services through the content organically?
  • How content can help in generating potential leads?
  • By the end of this article/video, you will have a fair idea/answer to all of the above questions!

Here is a step-by-step guide that will direct you how you can use content to increase the traffic, engagement and ultimately potential leads for your business.
Before we move deep into the content marketing guide, first you should understand

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is the strategic marketing that includes creative and strategized content creation and distribution to the audience through different channels like a search engine, social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and so on. Content marketing can help a business to create a great audience, increase user engagement, generate leads and ultimately sales.

Content marketing doesn’t necessarily include a sales pitch. It is mainly focused on sharing informational, valuable, educational content related to the brand or product that can help the audience in making them educate and understanding their queries, doubts & pain points.
Content marketing is a very effective way to attract customers and build a relationship with them if it is done in the right way, with the right planning and right strategies.
The effective content marketing strategy can help in getting more attention from visitors and converting them to valuable customers.
Content marketing with the end goal of creating great potential leads should follow the process
The first step is to Analyze your audience
Before planning to write content there are a few things you should keep in mind!

  • Whom do you want to target?
  • What information or details the audience is searching for, related to your products?
  • Who is going to be benefited from your content?
  • What information you can deliver to your targeted audience?
  • Where are they spending most of their time?
  • They are interested in what type of content more whether it is a blog, magazine or video?

Whatever the business you are into or whatever the product you are selling, there must be a group of audiences you can target for getting increased sales.
These can be categorized according to age group, profession, gender, location or any other specific class. You need to know first, whom you are going to target, according to that, frame the content and strategize it for delivery.

Strategize the content
The content you are going to create, distribute or using to generate a great audience should be strategized.
First, understand the targeted audience and schedule the publishing accordingly, it ensures that the content will not be irregular, inconsistent or unlikely to generate unwanted leads. It also includes tools and resources establishment that you are going to follow while writing content or using the already written content.
Creating and posting of content without proper planning can’t generate great potential leads, a proper strategy will define the purpose of each content, definite scheduling and how much it is going to help in achieving the pre-defined goal.
A proper content strategy depends on the situations like what goal you have set, which targeted audience you defined, and how you are going to achieve it. The strategy can be planned while creating content, delivering content or analyzing the insights.
Each and every type of content used to serve a specific purpose and each platform where you post content, contribute differently to create an audience and generate leads.

Here is some content type you can choose to market, some will help you more in generating leads while others in creating brand awareness.
Choose content type
There are number of content types you can choose to distribute content like Blog, FAQs, video, transcripts, ebook, PDF, Infographics, how to guide, webinars, video courses, podcasts, Articles, documentation, product samples, white papers, press release/news, presentations, testimonials, case studies and so on. Check with each type and choose whichever best suit for your business.

(Discuss the need for your product, why one should use similar to your product or educate them for their pain points)

  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • Whats brand consultation?
  • Why there is a need for your service?
  • What is the end result of your service the user will get? Create content keeping all these in the count.

Now you are ready with great creative content, the next step is to find out a suitable place where you can reach a great audience. Choose the most suitable platform where you can post your content to get a great user engagement and more leads.

You can use your content to generate organic traffic or can use paid campaigns provided by content distribution platforms. Here you need to decide which platform will work for you in distributing your content to your audience
• Search engine
A search engine like Google, Bing etc will help you distribute your content for wider audience globally. You just need to create content that will appear at the top of the search engine pages. A well-written content with a strategic SEO can help in ranking the content in the search engine.
A search engine is one of the biggest platforms where you can get a wide audience! The number of people who visits the search engine for the product /service search or information has increased exceedingly more these days. This is one of the best platforms where you can bring your business to the top of the search engines pages.
After getting the top position put effort into managing it and then no one can stop you from generating great potential leads.
• Social media
Share the content on social media sites where you and your audience mostly active or spending more time. Social media network can make your post reach to a great audience. Create followers by sharing valuable and useful content that can make your followers engage more with your brand. More sharing of the content can lead to a greater number of potential audiences. Here are some social media channels you can use in distributing your content effectively

1. Facebook – A well-known platform with millions of active users. Post creative content on Facebook and get increased sales leads.

2. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great platform for your B2B lead generation, create quality content and post it on LinkedIn to generate a great audience. The content you publish on LinkedIn can be ranked through SEO thus it helps in reaching a wide audience.

3. YouTube – the number of people using YouTube increasing day by day. If you can create great videos for your brands or products, then YouTube is the best place to post your content to increase leads. You can make use of annotations to generate more clicks and leads.
Some other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, tumbler, twitter, Google+ and so on. You can choose one that works best for you, for selecting the best among all you sometimes need to do A/B testing.

• Email
The content distribution through email is a great and effective idea for generating more potential leads. Whoever is visiting your website or reading some existing article there, ask them firmly to get an email subscription. You can have a list of emails and with these emails you can reach to an audience with great content that will help in driving traffic, building a relationship with customers and generating great conversion

• Paid social media ads and PPC
If you are trying enough through the search engine and social media, but not reaching the targeted audience you wanted to reach or you are trying to reach. Then you can make use of paid social ads and PPC. Check whether it is boosting traffic on the budget you are spending then it is the best option for your business. You can make use of it to generate potential leads.
Make content SEO friendly with use of well-researched keywords
Keywords are the main part of a content and an effective factor for generating leads through content marketing. A well-researched keyword with high search volume can increase chances of getting content more into audience eyes.
A well-framed content with the right keywords will make a permanent place for itself on top of the search engine pages. The more will be the appearance; the greater will be the number of potential leads.

1. Traffic generation content
These are a few easy techniques where you can attract some traction to your content!
Guest blogging- Post your content in the sites that already have made an influence in your industry. You can get more attention from the people following the blog from that particular website.
Social media post – Social media posts can generate great traffic towards your brand.
Videos – People are most active on YouTube nowadays, you can generate great traffic for your brand using video content.

2. Lead generation content
Webinars – It is more in getting trust. Showcasing the exact image of your brand and your personality let people rely on you. After the complete session of the webinar, product marketing can be done to create conversions.
Free guides – through free guides you can provide information to people for educating them free. This is used mostly to collect the user’s information like an email address.
Email newsletter- it is used mostly to build a strong relationship with customers by providing them updates about the current and upcoming products and plans. It encourages your readers to adhere to your brand.
Quizzes and survey- quizzes and survey are used to collect information by providing fun or entertainment content, people will provide their information to know the results of the quiz.

Next step is

Conversion optimisation ( Conversion optimisation is nothing but helping a visitor with greater user-experience and making them buy with easy & proper check-outs. Will discuss this later in the same episode.

A landing page that converts

A landing page is not just a form to collect information from visitors; it shows what a person can get after entering their information. The content you are putting on your landing page should create a spark that let the audience to take instant action. A landing page should have an effective headline and an eye-catchy opening. Eye capturing not in the sense of a great visual, but relevant and creative.
The customer will get an idea what benefits they are getting with the information you are sharing through the landing page. A landing page should be clear and attractive. If the purpose is not clear to visitors, you may lose some potential leads or you will/may get the unwanted leads.

Make high converting content
Create the content that can spark the audience’s mind to take action at the time they see it. The content should be very influential that people do share, like, make comments, and should generate more insights on the specific topic you have chosen.
Create a captivating headline that generates curiosity among people and makes them click & go through your blog/video content.
Make sure the content is informative and educative.

Content should not include too much direct sales pitch that distracts the readers, it can be soft and natural.
The choice of the correct call to action in your content can increase the conversion rate.

Here is a Guide(FREE EBOOK) on using social media marketing to generate leads and to how to use the right CTA’s(Call-to-action) effectively!

As you know content marketing is a part of digital marketing, it plays a vital role in creating brand awareness. Content marketing is not just posting content, but to strategize. Good content can create more user engagement, more traffic and ultimately more potential leads.
Let’s say, you posted a piece of content on your social media platform and expecting leads from it, then definitely you are on the wrong track. You won’t get any potential lead by just posting content without analyzing the trends.
Content marketing includes many aspects like planning, delivery, and analytics. You need to follow below strategies to market your content if you want to get increased leads.

  • You need to find the right audience
  • Test with the different content type.
  • Check with different content distribution platforms.
  • Write a great, creative and valuable content.

Need to analyze the traffic, insights and user engagement for the platform you are going to use.
If you have a business and want to increase potential leads, you can follow the content marketing strategies discussed above. Getting no time or finding difficulties in implementing these strategies on your own, you can go for a content marketing expert else. You can also hire a digital marketing agency that also offers content marketing services, it will help you in achieving your goal of getting larger potential leads and greater traffic.

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