Internet Marketing Agency in India: An Overview

Internet Marketing Agency in India
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Internet Marketing Agency in India: An Overview

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Internet Marketing Agency in India: An Overview

According to a recent survey conducted with about 100 Digital Marketing Agencies in India to comprehend where they stand. In most recent years, it is observed that numerous agencies have taken origin. In fact, in India, there is both an increase and decrease of an agency every single day. 50% of the audience who retorted to this survey, started their agency in the last 3 years, and the rest of the agencies have been there in the business for more than 3 years.

Digital Marketing Agencies in India:

Most of the participating agencies in India have teams of 1 to 10 users almost 45%. 33% agencies have teams between 10 to 30 users and only 22% agencies have teams larger than 30 individuals at the moment. Normally, in India, most of the agencies are in the group of 10 to 30 individuals and very few have scaled it past 30, they are more likely to have offices across India. Challenges of scaling up / lack of industry talent could be one of the motives and also since most of the agency stakeholders feel the market is yet to establish.

82% of agencies in India are startups, 17% of groups are either combined or funded and most of these agencies have more than 50 employees. When we look at the kind of arrangement these agencies hold, they can be segmented them into 3 categories -top, medium and low priority. 70% of agencies have a design team, web development team, SEO team and Social Media team. 50% of businesses have a video team, their social media group and they have an SEM / Media buying team, content writers, and HR team. Very little agencies have an admin team, client servicing team, and sales team.

Challenges of Running A Digital Marketing Agency in India

Running any company is quite a lot of a challenge and with the altering landscape of the digital world; it has become all the more demanding. There are various issues that digital marketing agencies have been facing and here are some of them:

67% agency believe in Word of Mouth in escalating their business and only somewhat functioning with a handful of consumers, while only 8% agencies have sales team; these 8% agencies are merged, funded or holding more than 50 employees at the instant with a billing value of  25 to 50 million and above. This is a hint that agencies need to have a tough sales team for their growth and not just be reliant on the Word of Mouth.