Top 10 benefits why you should go for a mobile app for your restaurant business!

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Top 10 benefits why you should go for a mobile app for your restaurant business!

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One industry which always has markets is food industry. The food industry is up and booming with the support of technology. There is a lot of technological development which supports food business and food delivery business. The food sector has managed to appear as a highly profitable industry due to its broad potential and due to the insanely growing demand for restaurants of different food themes in various cities. The restaurant market has attracted many people over the last few years since the time the technology started playing a vital role in redefining the restaurant industry in India.

Over the last few years various sectors, including the food and restaurant business have utilized information technology solutions to enhance their overall performance, efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Customers seem to have developed a fascinating image as far as technological integration is concerned. It has made things easier for them to get done with menu viewing and ordering activities.
Indeed, every business owner in the restaurant business strives to have a highly organised mobile application and an impressive online presence in order to attract large numbers of people. Following are the benefits of having a mobile app in the restaurant business.

1.Online slot reservation

There are plenty of mobile applications that connect users with the closest restaurants and provide them with the required details to reserve the table. Various active restaurants, through online registration, are connected to such requests. They also enable end users to book their slots or determine whether it has a free table or not. So, it reduces traffic congestion in front of restaurants. They also manage customers’ data and keep on updating them with relevant information, such as discounts, special offers, and attractive deals.

2. Digital Menu card

There are various websites that allow people to place their orders using a digital menu card. This allows end users to place their order online without much hassle and with just a few clicks on their phones. It provides end users with a highly convenient experience. Many restaurants already have the same facility for their mobile applications, but few of the restaurants have their digital menu cards uploaded on a mobile application. Various applications provide end users with recommendations, especially those who have not reviewed the menu card correctly.

3. Ordering Online and Online delivery

Fast food chains will also eradicate the mediator’s role in booking orders as they will allow end users to book their order over the online platforms and mobile applications. It will make food ordering easier for customers. It ends up saving much time as it saves the time that a mediator takes to pin down the entire order. Once the customer orders the meal online then they can also track where the deliverer is. With the use of GPS technology, restaurant owners can also keep a tap on where the deliverer is and thereby strengthen the delivery process as well.

4. Location-based deals

This is a relatively new feature which can help you to increase your restaurant sales. By this, you can tempt and lure your customers by offering deals that they can’t refuse. This allows the customers to get in touch with the local base wherever they are.

5. Online presence, especially on social media

No matter what kind of industrial sector your business belongs to, it is critical to have an active online presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc o keep on going ahead with the changing trends. It attracts large numbers of people in a short time span provided effective online marketing to be done. There are so many restaurants that also provide end users with Wi-Fi connection as they know this facility attracts a lot of Internet-obsessed people who do not like to get off track for a long time for personal or professional reasons

6. Loyalty Programs

It helps in retaining your existing customers and attracting new ones. According to a study, 65% of customers are likely to download your app if you provide them with exclusive offers periodically. You can offer schemes like discounts, cashback, etc.

7. ROI on specials you offer

You can effectively use Push Notifications to offer your customers about new dishes and combos that would help you to gain good sales on weekdays and whooping sales of the double amount on weekends. Timing is the key. You need to send the notifications on right time. For example, you can a Push Notification about your restaurant’s special dinner offer from morning itself.
This will implant the idea in your customers’ mind and they are likely to visit as they would’ve already justified their decision due to reduced costs.

8. Online Promotion through check-in apps

Restaurants also give these customers an additional feature using which they can let their friends know where they are through mobile applications like Foursquare. It attracts many customers towards the restaurant as they get to know its name and it also acts as a real-time recommendation.

9. Have FAQ – Answer all questions

Answering tons of questions from your customers is a usual thing for you and your staff. A mobile app can help you to answer all the questions of your customers. Mostly the questions asked by the customers are common which and you can answer with the help of an FAQ section.

10. Online reviews and ratings

These days, end users are allowed to give their feedback or opinions about restaurants’ services on websites. Often, customers prefer to view a particular restaurant’s rating or reviews on such websites to decide whether they want to visit there or not. If you are rated well on one of these websites then the chances are high that people will visit your restaurant once, at least. Interestingly, these websites allow restaurants’ owners to plan their activities to enhance customer services according to these reviews as they get to know what sections have the scope for improvement.

Right from the bakery guy who provides bread and cookies to the grocery guy who gets all the vegetables and other edibles. There is a big chain for which a restaurant is a part of. Technology can inevitably solve many of the problems by streamlining the entire chain from getting a veggie in the kitchen until the time it is cooked and delivered to the customer.

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