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Every individual has a dream to become rich. But do you think everybody’s dream will be fulfilled? Generally speaking one can earn money in different ways. So my question is can you make more than $10,000 a month by writing a blog. This is a million dollar question. The fact is that many bloggers do not make sufficient money from their blogs. Even though one put his/her heart and soul in writing a blog, the reward they get in return is very paltry. A research conducted by iBlogmagazine says only 4.5% of bloggers earn more than $60,000 per anum. In fact, 52% earn less than $2500 per year that means only $208 per month. This is very shocking. Don’t you think so!!!  If this is the truth then how to make more than $10,000 a month. Will making $10,000 a month remain a distant dream OR can become a reality.

Ask yourself can you pay your utility bills and meet your monthly expenses if you earn $208 per month even after putting 30 hours a week.

The successful mantra is – Learn from the best and adopt the strategies they used to become successful in order for you to be successful.

Here is a list of top 10 bloggers earning in excess of $10,000 plus per month.

  1. Sharon Gourlay/ Digital Nomad Wannabe – Travellers Blog

Sharon Gourlay quit her job in 2014 as she wanted to explore the world. Travelling was her passion and she liked adventures. Visiting over 90 countries, Sharon Gourlay became an ardent traveller. She has travelled all the nooks and corners of the countries. Sharon has her own travel blog where she shared about her wonderful travelling experiences with her husband and children.

You must be wondering from where Sharon is getting the money from? For your kind information, the revenue source comes from

  • 58% from Affiliate Marketing
  • 37% from Banner Ads
  • 5% from E-Books

Presently living in Australia, Sharon is a travel blogger and lives a dream life by earning more than $10,000 per month.

  1. Silas and Grace / Chasing Foxes – Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Silas and Grace have their own blog called Chasing Foxes which is into travel, lifestyle, food and culture. This wonderful couple had a passion for improving their lifestyle which they wanted to share with others. Their common hobbies being travel, cooking and culture proved to be a motivational factor for this lovely couple. Travelling to many countries and meeting different people was a part of their life. By visiting several countries Silas and Grace got to know more about culture, lifestyle habits and food.

Silas and Grace say that their lives have changed since the blog took off. Both of them are now travelling full time and have explored some of the exotic locales like Ubud in Bali. She says it is one of the craziest beautiful places ever to be. The source of revenue for their blog Chasing Foxes comes from;

  • 73% via Banner Ads
  • 26% Affiliate Marketing
  • 1% via Consulting
  1. Tammy / Organize Yourself Skinny – Nutrition and Weight Loss Blog

Tammy has her own story to say. She was obese and was suffering from many ailments. She was very unhappy and depressed. Being obese, her confidence level was down and she avoided mingling with the society. But over a period of time, she got serious about living a healthy lifestyle. She followed a strict diet and regular exercise regime which helped her reduce several pounds. Now looking slim and trim Tammy has her own weight loss blog called “Organize Yourself Skinny” where she has narrated her experiences with others. Once her blog was out, it made huge money. People started going through her blog post and wanted to be as slim and fit like Tammy. Her blog is all about ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Weight Loss’ management which became an instant success within a short span of time. The revenue source for Tammy’s blog comes from;

  • 73% Banner Ads
  • 17% E-Books
  • 6% Sponsored Posts
  • 4% Affiliate Marketing
  1. Matthew Woodward / Online Marketing Expert

Matthew Woodward is one of the well-known internet marketing award-winning bloggers. Matthew had a great passion for SEO and how to make blogs rank in Google. He worked hard to reach his goal. He learnt more about online marketing strategies and became a professional in this field. His blog “Online Marketing Expert” was a huge success and drew more attention over a period of time. As of today, Matthew Woodward has made $270,000 from his blog. His revenue sources come from

  • 99% Affiliate Marketing
  • 1% Consulting
  1. Sarah Titus /Stay at Home Mum Blogger

Sarah Titus has a different story to say as to what made her a blogger. A mother of 2 and a homemaker, Sarah got divorced from her husband about 14 years ago. Due to this, she remained homeless and shattered. But this incident did not make Sarah lose hope in life. She struggled hard to bring up the kids and took odd jobs to meet the expenses. As her divorce settlement case was in progress, the judge told her to get a ‘real job’ for which she frankly refused and said ‘No’. In her statement, she said she wanted to remain at home and look after the kids. Shortly after this, she came up with a blog titled “Stay at Home Mum” This blog became very popular in social media sites and made huge revenues. Sarah Titus revenue sources come from;

  • 60% Affiliate Marketing
  • 31% Banner Ads
  • 7% E-Books
  • 2% 1-to-1 Coaching
  1. Abby Lawson / Just A Girl – How to Organize Your Life Blog

Abby Lawson’s “Just a Girl and her Blog” is a personal blog run by Abby and her husband Donnie. Abby has a passion for home decor and interior designing. In her blog, she writes more about how to decorate your home and organize your life. Her blog became an instant hit and was a huge success. By blog writing Abby’s revenue source comes from;

  • 66% Affiliate Marketing
  • 34% Product Sales (online courses and E-Books)
  1. Lindsay Ostrom / Pinch of Yum – Food Blogger

Known as a food enthusiast, Lindsay Ostrom has been blogging for almost 7 years.

What made Lindsay Ostrom a food blogger?

Lindsay had a passion for cooking. Her hobbies were writing, cooking and preparing delicious food. Over a period of time, Lindsay and her husband took to blogging as they wanted to show their cooking skills. Her revenue comes from;

  • 63% Banner Ads
  • 11% Affiliate Marketing
  • 23% Sponsored Posts
  • 3% Product Sales
  1. Pat Flynn / Smart Passive Income – Online Marketing

Pat Flynn says that anybody can make good money by undertaking Online Marketing. He started his blog named Smart Passive Income a few years back and earns more than $10,000 every month. Being an online marketing expert, Pat Flynn explains how to make passive income to online business owners. His major revenue comes from;

  • 73% Affiliate Marketing
  • 11% Software and Apps
  • 8% Book Sales
  • 5% Podcasts
  • 3% Other Niche Websites
  1. John Morrow / Smart blogger – Writer

John Morrow is known for his impeccable writing talent. But one of the craziest thing about him is that he is paralysed from neck down. The only part of the body that he can move is his facial muscle as the rest of the body are paralysed.

Do you know how he writes his articles?

By using his voice

YES. You heard it right.

John uses a laptop with an i5 processor with a VXI TalkPro UC2 microphone and a prototype lip operated a mouse. Being a handicap, this did not deter him from turning out to be a professional blogger. He is the editor of ‘Copyblogger’ and is the founder of ‘Guest blogging’.

Smart blogger has its revenue from

  • 80% Affiliate Marketing
  • 20% Online Courses
  1. Melyssa Griffin / Nectar Collective – Creative blog

Melyssa was a graphic designer by profession. She started her own blog called ‘Nectar Collective’ in the year 2013. In a span of a few years, her blog became so popular and revenue crossed the five-figure digit. Presently she is focussing on assisting creative entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit. Malaysia source of revenue comes from;

  • 91% Online Courses
  • 9% Affiliate Marketing


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