Top 5 Benefits for Developing Your Food App in India

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Top 5 Benefits for Developing Your Food App in India


In this modern Digital era, we see there is a drastic increase in the restaurants having their own Food App or outsourcing it to a third-party vendor to manage the same and most of the people prefer doorstep delivery. The mobile app which is developed should be very particular and choosy about the contents as it showcases your portfolio and strengths in terms of what is offered to your customers.

Increase in Revenue

There is a lot of ways in the Food app where you can increase your revenue. It is a human tendency that if an offer, deals, discounts or combo is published in the App, they tend to take it first rather than going for an Ala-carte. You can rest assured that deals move faster and attract more customers to your website. Your target audience should be Moms and Kids who are very much attracted to offers as they are the decision makers at home when it comes to ordering Food online. There are chances that word of mouth works here and increase in sales which are, in turn, increase your revenue.

Most of the customer’s order food online looking at the pictures, if the pictures are delicious and mouth watering you can rest assured that the Dish is a Superhit. You can track the same since the order will be placed again and again or there are a lot of tools on the internet to track that. You need to keep adding and updating your Menu card very frequently to keep your customers engaged. When there is a festive season that is when offers, deals, discounts or combo moves a lot. This is the time you will have offer buy one and get one free kind of products or give discounts on a dish. By these, your sales will increase and in turn, you will see an increase in revenue.

Earn more Customer base & Loyalty program

It is very difficult to earn a customer base and loyalty in this time as there are many players in the industry who in this business. You need to follow some strategies to acquire the customer base and their loyalty.  First and foremost you need to be customer-centric and should be very quick in responding to their queries. Most of us need personal attention, isn’t it? And if given won’t you feel happy that someone is there to take care of you and there to listen. So if a customer is not happy or satisfied with the service or dish served, you need to first get the feedback from the customer as to what is wrong and see how you can improve the quality and make changes as advised by the customer if it is really needed.

Once the customer knows that you are very responsive and attending to them, there comes your first set of customers and be assured that they spread the word about you and your app in a positive way. Secondly, the taste of the dish served should be authentic and as described in the menu. You might have noticed that most of us order food online looking at the menu card as to what are the ingredients in it. Once the taste is stuck in your customer’s mouth then whenever the same customer orders food online, that particular dish will also be in his cart. By these simple strategies, we can earn more customers.

If you have been given a chance to order food online free with a coupon won’t you be happy? The customers who order food in your app would expect some kind of Loyalty program as they bring you lot of customers, Revenue, feedback for improvements in dish etc. For them who have ordered repeatedly in your website if given a small token of appreciation will mean a lot of difference. By this, you retain the customers with you and increase the customer base as well.

Digital Transformation in Kitchen

Ordering food online has become very common in this world. As you see the world is moving fast and there is a lot of applications which is being developed for the food industry. Digital transformation in Kitchen is nothing but connecting the customer directly with Chefs or who is preparing the food. This plays a very important role when it ordering food. There are a lot of people with lot many tastes and opinions, some say “ Don’t put Oil for Dosa” , some say “ I won’t crisp Dosa”, “ I want an extra cheese for my pizza”, there are chances of these getting missed out, but when it is communicated to the correct person directly you can be assured that your voice has been heard. As we see in new age restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut, the app will ask you “would you like extra cheese” or a comment box would be given to adding our note on the dish as to what is to serve.

More Visibility

The mobile application will give you more visibility in terms of various kinds of customers and demographics. You will have to create awareness amongst the audience that is available in all areas of a particular region. Bring in more of offers to create more visibility, Spread awareness through the delivery guys, place placards in prominent places to bring in more of awareness that you are available in that area to serve people. Send out push notifications with offers initially to attract customers. These are some of the techniques you can follow to bring in more Visibility.

Be sure of what is offered and maintain quality

There are lot instances that when you order food through phone, something or the other is missed out and it is quite common also. When you have your own app the chances of getting missed out will reduce and you can be assured that the dish is the same which is sent out for delivery. You can make the customer delightful by delivering the food on time and with at most quality. Maintaining quality and service is what will make you successful in any industry.

These are the high time benefits of having a food app. Being a techie and a foodie makes you something special. The usage of the mobile app in today’s world is so high that it is comfortable for anyone to order food wherever you are. Thus if you are planning for a food business then it is high time you have a food app for yourself.

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