Employee Health Tracking Mobile App Development

Project Awareness

The client, an IT business, sought to enhance employee engagement and promote a healthy lifestyle. They required a health tracking app to encourage employees to adopt healthier habits.

Client Objectives

  • Enhance employee engagement in wellness initiatives. 
  • Motivate employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. 
  • Facilitate efficient organization and management of wellness events. 
  • Implement a rewarding system for employee participation in wellness activities. 

Zerozilla’s Solution


React Native

Node JS

Our Development Approach

  • Developed a mobile app where employees could easily download and track their health metrics. 
  • Integrated features allowing HR to organize walkathons and wellness events, with real-time tracking of calories burned during activities. 
  • Implemented a rewards system based on completed activities and calorie burn, with points that could be redeemed for incentives. 
  • Enabled listing event details and schedules within the app of specialized events organized in collaboration with external fitness experts. 
  • Introduced a leaderboard feature for employees to track their points and compare their progress with colleagues. 
  • Tailored each wellness event to vary in duration and activity type to accommodate different employee preferences. 

Value Unlocked

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