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Too many marketing strategies but have you ever thought of a Quora marketing strategy that can make wonders in connecting you as an individual/ your business/ product to your audience?  

Marketing is a constantly evolving process that throws umpteen trends every day and all that buzz about marketing is to ultimately connect with the audience. Using Quora for business fulfills that “one crucial motto” of your marketing strategy to connect with your audience.  

Let us know  more about the Quora platform and its possibilities to connect 

What is Quora?  

Quora is one such platform that connects you to your prospects and gives an opportunity for both businesses and customers to interact.  

Quora is a question-and-answer social platform where any internet user can ask questions and anybody can answer them. The platform currently has 500+ million unique users and searches that happen every month.  

  • You can publish content on Quora with any possible topic, also it is a plus if you’re a subject matter expert. 
  • Quora lets you target the audience with specific questions.
  • You will receive insights on new trending questions directly in your inbox by turning on the notifications. By this, you can get access to prospective customer viewpoints and trouble areas.  
  • You can get keyword suggestions and industry-specific questions from Quora and use Quora ads for better reach.  

Now let’s come to a part to answer

How to use Quora for business effectively?

Here are the major points listed to effectively use Quora for your business and are definitely worth considering.  

  • Ask relevant questions and hear from your customers: Since Quora already has a well-established audience, all we need to do is to engage that audience by asking meaningful questions.
    • Niche questions can target a specific audience of your needs and bring in engagement.
    • Quora is a touch-point that covers wide-ranging topics and followers for the same.
    • If you’re able to hear the target audience to better understand their expectations, troubling points, and needs about a product, you’re already halfway to sorting out the audience’s problems.
  • Answering niche questions: Now that you have a business/product or service, it is important to answer the questions pertaining to the possible queries. Quora is one such powerful platform that connects directly to your niche audience and you can answer the relevant questions. This helps in
    • Educating the audience about your product by directly addressing their problems
    • If you’re successful in writing a compelling and informative answer, chances are high that users visit your website to know more about you or the services and you’ve got new leads there!
  • Strategic link building: Quora ranks high for some of the specific keywords and 53% of the businesses who have used Quora effectively say that it has brought higher conversion leads.
    • Create content that is useful to the audience. Redirect the Quora readers by linking your website or a blog as an answer to the niche questions.
    • Avoid forcefully infusing irrelevant link that disturbs the flow of the content. Use them with the flow.
    • Use the link that addresses questions or guides the readers
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    • E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) is the major ranking and assessing factor for Google to provide the best search results and Quora is a perfect platform with the combination of EAT.
    • Find industry-specific questions and leave helpful information for the readers. Free and valuable data will never fail to hold onto the prospects.
    • Use the Q-stats tool to get insights and make your Quora marketing strategy reliable with relevant content 
    • Social discussions about a brand or a product are vital factors to build brand awareness. Using Quora realistically can get your website the attention it needs
  • Community building with niche audience: Quora has already taken its way of gathering an audience covering millions of niche topics. All you need to do is to contribute ethically to Quora to build your community.
    • Build a Quora profile and a Quora page for your business
    • Know what is making buzz about your industry, and what are those frequently asked questions? Rewrite and repurpose the content.
    • Support the right answers by upvoting and leaving meaningful comments. It gets easy if you can use the comment section wisely to gain the right attention because the readers present are already industry-specific.
    • Add more points to the top answers related to your industry. The audience will always love well-researched and valid bonus tips
  • Be real and show your personality: Millions of answers are out there on Quora. A random generic post will definitely not help your Quora marketing strategy.
    • Craft unique content and do not try to replicate answers
    • Let your personality flow through the writings
    • Storytelling is an effective way to hold onto the readers. Describe your journey and milestones. Inspire readers with real thoughts and experiences
    • Provide value to the community. People love real-time, practical answers that help to take action. Not the paragraphs without any intent and fancy words.
    • Address the comments and queries you get. More helpful insights lead to more trust and you become a valid, reliable source of a niche to your user.

Here are a few of the Quora marketing tips that worked for us: 

  • Follow the community guidelines.  
  • Build your community with relevant and crisp answers. Do not confuse the users, lead them to the right answer.  
  • Do not just add the links everywhere and anywhere. You have all the chances to get spammed. Strategically place them and lead users to the proper and helpful information
  • Do not forget to give credit to the “Content Source” 
  • Be helpful to your followers. Give the dependency to trust you on industry-specific information 
  • Using related images and videos makes your content highly relevant. Do try it.  
  • Follow and encourage credible answers on your industry. This is how you befriend a community. 
  • Contribute your valuable feedback to other spaces as well. 
  • Do not post lengthy paragraphs. Format them according to heads and subheads. (Remember Indexing from Google? Quora too uses snippets to provide crisp information)  
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Are you thinking that these benefits of Quora Marketing are the ones you were craving these days? It’s time to leverage Quora strategically. It not only lets the audience know about your brand but also gives businesses the opportunity to be a part of customers’ lifestyles. The more intense conversations happen with your prospects, you see an automatic dependency factor.  

Well, it takes a lot of effort, time, and consistency to bring in the right traffic and build your own community.  

Let us know if you need help with Quora Marketing for sure as we have a dedicated team for it. We are a text away!  

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