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The perfect content marketing mix to make you shine!

Content Marketing is considered to be a ‘pull’ mechanism, much preferred over the traditional ‘push’ ones that old-school promotional techniques were built around.

So what is it that does the pulling? You guessed it! Content!

Then what does Content Marketing do? It knows who to pull in, when and how, so it does!

A Content Marketing Plan gives direction to the content making sure its valuable, steady and relevant. Then it distributes it, in just the right quantities, to just the right people, at just the right frequency. Over time, a defined audience emerges from this lot who can be driven to act with little or no persuasion. These actions can be to try, buy, join or tell. But they all finally result in profitable action.

We therefore:
  • Begin with Passion: We feel for your brand and drive it with passion
  • Create Error-free, Consumable Content: The key to any rocking content marketing gig
  • Grasp Like an Empath: Understand your audiences better than they understand themselves
  • Research like a Sleuth: Track competition, keep up with the latest industry statistics, predict the future
  • Master SEO and Analytics: Utilize all the wisdom we have on high ranking and inbound marketing
  • Be a Social Media Virtuoso: Posting becomes second nature with words, videos and graphics that are difficult to ignore, perfectly timed and seen at the right places

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Whether you are a start-up, medium scale or larger enterprise, we have the best solutions to help you achieve greater heights. Our Social Media marketing support is available in 3 different variants. Choose from our available social media marketing plans without delay!


  • 2 Blogs Writing & Publishing

  • 2 Article Writing & Publishing

  • High Quality Image For Blogs

  • Blog: 300 Words Article: 400-500 Words Content

  • Turnaround Time – 5 Working Days

30,000 Per Month
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Premium Plan

  • 8 Blogs Writing & Publishing

  • 8 Article Writing & Publishing

  • High Quality Image For Blogs

  • Blog: 300 Words Article: 400-500 Words Content

  • Turnaround Time – 15 Working Days

50,000 Per Month
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How to get started?

Knowing your business

As entrepreneur you need to understand your business as well as your target audience thoroughly. Sound understanding of your business & market can pave the way for a perfect social media marketing plan.

Market research and Gap Analysis

In-depth market research can make you identify the loopholes or gaps in your marketing plan and chalk out fitting solutions to plug those gaps. Also, market research & analysis can help you fathom the degree of competition in the market.

Watch your traffic grow

Traffic to your business website and to your social platforms can make your business grow & your sales soar. Get increased traffic through your social media interactions based on well researched & well optimized social media marketing plans.

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