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Search Engine Optimization

Each campaign is different. But, two separate agencies use different strategies to achieve similar results. We focus on diverse goals and challenges, which our clients face in getting their website ranked in search results. We also offer a custom quote that outlines the costs, the time and commitments from Zerozilla, and when you will begin to see the results of our hard work.
Search engine optimization is a long-term process, which requires a specialized and knowledgeable team with strong technical skills from web development and design to high-quality content formation and digital marketing. At Zerozilla Technologies, all the SEO processes and marketing activities can be made achievable under one roof with our expertise and experience in the digital marketing platform. As a business, your web search engine would rank higher by building relevant backlinks, creating blogs, generating more traffic, and keyword research.

Content Marketing Services

It depends. However, updating content is good, but we test with the new information, whether it works better than the old one or not. One of the aspects that we keep up your website ranking is we write new articles based on what the customers like to search, and also by determining which blogs are overtaken by competitors, and make them refined with better content.
Just a website does not offer enough information to your prospects. Our approach as a marketing agency would be to engage your customers in several aspects such as to teach and explain them more about your products, to obtain feedback, and keep them updated about the business. We also write blogs to build backlinks, internal links, drive traffic, and rank your website higher and be in competition with competitors.

Digital Marketing

Various companies of different business areas today are approaching digital marketing service agencies without any doubt by avoiding denies and all the myths, and in turn, they’re earning profits, conversions, and web traffic when we create relevant strategies to reach and engage their audience.
In today’s business competition, every business requires digital marketing. It does not exclusively provide online exposure but also gives a reputation for your business. Other benefits that you can avail from incorporating our digital marketing services are, you can reach more customers in less time, make your consumer easier to understand about your products and services, and effortlessly obtain feedback from the clients.

Pay Per Click

Each project has diverse costs and objectives as a result, Zerozilla digital marketing agency does not hold any standardized pricing structure. However, we generate associated costs on each project with no hidden fees or any agendas. To get a customized quote for your PPC campaign, call us directly.
There are several good reasons why our advertising agency uses PPC. However, one of the significant reasons is we can grow traffic efficiently and at a faster pace. With pay-per-click, we can set campaigns anytime, and see and analyze the outcome very same day. Whereas content marketing and SEO requires more hard work and longer time, to observe the results. However, SEO and Content marketing strategies are also needed in the long-term to compete organically and towards sustainable business.

Email Marketing Services

If we keep bombarding with emails, our subscriber list might shrink at rapid speed. Knowing how often to send emails can be quite tricky, especially when some marketing experts say to communicate more often. We experiment with emails by sending at different suitable time intervals, analyse its effectiveness, the client’s behavior, and based on the data and analysis, we work with email marketing through the creation of engaging campaigns to build awareness, conversion, and loyalty.
Email marketing has many advantages. It can generate leads and sales, helps in retaining existing customers with effective communication strategy, create loyalty, obtain feedback on products and services, to deploy offers to buy more products, and for many other purposes. Various studies say that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media, and the purchase happens three times faster than other social media. However, you need to increase traffic to your website from organic SEO implementation or through paid social media campaigns to obtain more email subscribers.

Social Media Marketing

There is no specific answer to this question. However, we make your social media presence positioned based on where your customers are present. Different businesses have different target audiences. When we identify your target segment (B2B, B2C, or both) and your overall goal, we can able to pare it down to a few social media platforms where we can promote your business.
Social media is crucial for both the target segments. However, the objectives, approaches, and content for B2B differ from that of B2C. Our way of approaching B2C business is creating brand awareness, drive traffic, and sales, whereas, in B2B brands, we focus on brand development and gaining leads on the social media platform.
Both organic and paid ads play a significant role to promote your business and create brand awareness. Anything, which happens without paid promotion on social media is organic. Our marketing team creates social media pages, create higher likes for your posts, create more interaction among business and customers, and build loyalty. The advantage of using paid ads is we optimize and target the right audience of the demography, age, sex, and many other features. We use organic as well as paid ads for promoting your business.

App Marketing Services

Where to advertise your app will be based on your budget, demography, and the level of customer expectations. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow shorter campaigns than others. An online advertising platform such as Google AdWords helps us to make most out of it. But, yes, even Facebook and Twitter would also be a great place for promotion. We promote based on the type of your app and pick social media channels where most of your customers are present and can be targeted.
The objective of APO is to increase the chances of users stumbling into your app while browsing in the store. The secret to improving your app’s searchability is through optimizing title and keywords, and making the title clear, short, unique, creative, and precise.

Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is determined to be an ideal approach to generate prospects. Today’s environment has changed, and online marketing works for both B2B and B2C segments. Online leads for a business can be made achievable through optimizing various social media profiles, paid advertising, asking referrals from existing customers, and many other sources. Zerozilla, a professional digital marketing service provider, optimizes all your marketing channels to generate leads.
Of course, a campaign that generates prospects, which means the marketing campaign has convinced a customer to provide their personal information such as their email address or phone number in exchange for something such as a product, data, a free trial, or anything other. A well-optimized and planned lead generation campaign can acquire more prospects, which we do with our marketing team under one roof. An engaging content, landing page, and call-to-action button generate leads.

Video Marketing

Various businessmen today have said that video marketing has helped them to increase their sales as it augments audience engagement, makes powerful appeal towards mobile users, in turn, leading to higher conversion rates. Our marketing agency builds an appealing story considering your audience, highlight your product, keeps it short and professional, and with a piece of great related background music.
Video can be of different lengths such as the 90s, 30, 10s, and even 7s. Different seconds tell you distinct stories altogether. 90s videos can make customers convince to buy with a lot of information-driven demonstration to them. Whereas, shorter videos help to create brand awareness and help customers to know a brief about your products and services. So, we strategize based on creating crisp and precise brand awareness videos to convincing customers to buy videos.

Branding Services

Each brand is unique and building a brand may need different levels of marketing services such as developing communication and differentiation strategies, creating action plans such as improving awareness across various marketing channels, and many others. Generally, the duration depends on where we start the process. For instance, if you need to build a brand from scratch, it requires three to four months to get the results.
Branding cost depends on whether your brand will face limited competition, which is in a particular region or the brand where the goal is to elbow out and compete with other giants who are offering similar products and services. What’s more, is that your branding cost depends on which platform you will be communicating, whether it’s through the digital platform or traditional media. Striving to compete with already well-established giants requires more cost towards marketing, or meanwhile, it can also be done in an organic way, which is a long-term process, but an inexpensive way of marketing.