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Frequently Asked Questions

We communicate and list down the diverse goals and challenges that you faced while getting the website ranked in search results. Based on the skills, complexities, and time required to accomplish your SEO objectives, we propose a custom quote that outlines the cost with commitments that we will be doing, and also to make sure SEO implementation would arrive at budget-level.
The core benefits entrepreneurs can obtain when your business is present online are
  • You can reach more customers in less time.
  • Make your consumer easier to understand your products and services.
  • Effortlessly obtain feedback from the clients.
  • To earn higher revenue through web traffic and reaching broader worldwide audiences.
  • Make better engagements through effective social media marketing and strategy.
  • Obtain higher conversions through the user-friendly buying process.
  • Besides, more revenue, which is the heart of your business.

Each project has diverse costs and objectives, as a result, it is not possible to have any standardized pricing structure.

However, we generate associated costs on each project with no hidden fees or any agendas and deliver PPC services at the best pricing, to make marketing affordable for every customer that we offer. To get a customized quote for your PPC campaign, call us directly.

Online leads for business are achieved through optimizing various social media profiles, paid advertising, asking referrals from existing customers, and many other sources. A well-optimized and planned lead generation campaign can acquire more prospects, which we do with our marketing team under one roof. The process will be accomplished from writing engaging content, a curated landing page, and a call-to-action button to generate leads.
Each brand is unique and building a brand may need different levels of marketing services, such as developing communication and differentiation strategies, creating action plans like improving awareness across various marketing channels, and many more. Generally, the duration of building a brand depends on where we start the process. For instance, if you need to build a brand from scratch, it requires three to four months to get the results.
Branding cost depends on whether your brand will face limited competition, which is in a particular region or the brand where the goal is to elbow out and compete with other giants who are offering similar products and services. The branding cost depends on which platform you will be communicating, whether it’s through the digital platform or traditional media. Striving to compete with already well-established giants requires more cost towards marketing. Meanwhile, it can be done in an organic way, which is a long-term process, but an inexpensive way of marketing.

Search engine optimization is a long-term process, which requires a specialized and knowledgeable team with strong technical skills from “web development and design, to high-quality content formation and digital marketing.”

At Zerozilla Technologies, all the SEO processes and marketing activities can be made achievable under one roof with our expertise and experience in the digital marketing and web development platform.

We strive to make your website rank better by building relevant backlinks, creating blogs, generating more traffic, keyword research, and developing user-friendly web browsing experience with minimal load speed.

Social media is crucial for both the target segments. However, the objectives, approaches, and content for B2B differ from that of B2C. While B2C business focus is towards brand awareness, drive traffic, and sales, successful B2B brands focus on brand development and gaining leads on the social media platform.

Writing blogs helps to build backlinks, internal links, drive traffic, and rank your website higher and be in competition with competitors. One of the aspects to keep up your website ranking is writing new articles based on what your customers like to search, and also by determining which blogs are overtaking you by competitors, and make them refined with better content.

Moreover, blogs offer information on what products and services you deliver and keep customers updated about your innovation in business that builds trust and impression when you explain them in an orderly way.

Email marketing still works effectively and has many advantages. It can generate leads and sales, helps in retaining existing customers with effective communication strategy, create loyalty, obtain feedback on products and services, to deploy offers to buy more products, and for many other purposes.

Various studies say that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media, and the purchase happens three times faster than other social media.

If we keep bombarding with emails, our subscriber list might shrink at rapid speed.

Knowing how often to send emails can be quite tricky, especially when some marketing experts say to communicate more often.

However, our strategy in email marketing would be to create effective emails with engaging crisp contents, graphics, and to test them during different suitable time intervals, analyze its effectiveness, and the client’s behavior.

Moreover, based on the data and analysis, we work again strategically with email marketing through the creation of engaging campaigns to build awareness, make a better conversion, and develop loyalty.

We make your social media presence positioned based on where your customers are present. Different businesses have different target audiences. When we identify your target segment (B2B, B2C, or both) and your overall goal, we can able to pare it down to a few social media platforms where we can promote your business.

We use both organic and paid advertisements to promote your business and create brand awareness.

Our marketing team creates social media pages, create higher likes for your posts, create more interaction between your business and customers, build loyalty, and drive web traffic with the relevant target audience to your site.

In paid ads, we optimize the content and target the right audience by incorporating an appropriate sales funnel strategy.

  • We focus on app store optimization (ASO), which requires substantial efforts to be successful.
  • Encouraging user reviews.
  • Motivating users to make referrals.
  • Creating compelling content to promote your app and targeting potential users. It is executed from writing articles, sponsored content and videos, infographics, and many other means.
  • Engaging effectively on social media.
  • Influencer and community outreach.
  • Besides, the secret to improving your app’s searchability is through optimizing title and keywords, and making the title clear, short, unique, creative, and precise.

Various businessmen today have said that video marketing has helped them to increase their sales as it augments audience engagement, makes powerful appeal towards mobile users, in turn, leading to higher conversion rates.

Our marketing agency builds an appealing story considering your audience, highlight your product, keeps it short and professional, and with a piece of great related background music.

We strategize based on different video lengths such as short videos 15s, the 20s, and 30s to create brand awareness and help customers to know a brief about your products and services. The longer length videos like the 50s and 60s, to convince prospects to buy the product with information on the product's features, price, quality, and durability.