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Hire Swift Developers

Hire Swift Developers

Swift is a unique programming language specially designed to code for developing applications across the iOS platform. It is a powerful and intuitive language that also works for macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Coding with Swift is interactive and fun with the syntax being both concise and expressive and it has modern features that developers will love. The applications developed using Swift language is safer by design and are lightning fast. Swift language is effectively used in iOS development for building iPhone and iPad applications. ZeroZilla specializes in iOS development using Swift language.

Hire our Swift developers because

We at ZeroZilla, follow a streamlined process for iOS app development using Swift programming language. The various stages of the process are

  • Understanding the target audience of the app and analyzing your iOS app design requirements.
  • Finalizing the suitable style for the app design.
  • Swift programming language is used for coding and creating all the app assets.
  • Swift is used in creating UI and integrating all the elements.
  • The app is made bug free through unit-testing.
  • The app is sent for client's approval.
  • Finally,the app is submitted to the Apple app store.

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Our Swift developers are specialized in designing

  • Travel Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Payment Apps
  • Quiz Apps
  • Beauty Apps
  • Calendar Apps
  • Astrology Apps
  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Puzzle Apps
  • Songs Apps

Why should you hire our Swift developers?

  • Our highly experienced Swift developers are well versed in programming with Apple iOS SDK using Swift programming language.
  • Our Swift developers have 8+ years of industry experience and have developed 100+ iOS apps and games.
  • They develop iOS apps and games using Swift programming language with top-notch quality and perfection.
  • The Swift developers' team at ZeroZilla provides on-time delivery of iOS apps.
  • You can get in touch with us at any time over IM, email, Whatsapp and phone.
  • We are not into data selling and will not share your app data, app idea and other important information with any third party, and we keep it strictly confidential.
  • We use Swift programming language to deliver you world-class iOS apps that will satisfy all your expectations.

Our Add-On

Our team of Swift developers in ZeroZilla has been working on developing native iOS apps and games from a very long time. We specialize in designing hybrid apps of excellent quality using Swift programming language for those business owners who want to cut down on cost and have cross-platform hybrid apps that work on multiple platforms like Android and iOS.

We are well-versed in various aspects of Swift language like

  • Syntactic sugar
  • Optionals and chaining
  • Protocol-oriented programming
  • Memory management
  • Access control
  • Debugging and other elements
  • Libraries, runtime and development
  • Value types
  • Performance

What are the features of iOS SDK?

  • The iOS SDK gives developers access to various functions and services of iOS devices.
  • The software and hardware attributes of iOS devices can be accessed by users using iOS SDK.
  • During the development of iOS apps, this SDK provides iPhone simulator that mimics the look and feel of the iOS device on the computer.
  • The iOS developers write iOS apps by making use of supported programming language like Swift with the help of Xcode.
  • You need to download new iOS SDK, for developing new iOS versions.

Why are the Swift developers in ZeroZilla better than the freelance Swift developers?

  • Being highly experienced in Swift programming language, our developers build state-of-the-art iOS apps and games with high-quality and you may not get such a quality with freelance developers.
  • Having extensive knowledge of coding with Swift language, our developers develop affordable iOS apps and games according to the client needs at nominal costs and the freelance developers may not be so competitive.
  • Our Swift developers strongly work against strong deadlines and develop top-notch iOS apps and games within the stipulated time and this may not be the case with less-experienced freelance developers.
  • Usually, the freelance Swift developers end the technical support given to the clients with project completion, but the Swift developers in ZeroZilla give a value-added technical support period of six months from the date of project completion.
  • The Swift developers in Zerozilla have a strong background of the company's reputed image and a solid technical infrastructure and hence they are better in programming skills, time management and all such aspects when compared to freelance developers.