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Hire tvOS Developers

Hire tvOS Developers

The tvOS is derived from iOS but is unique in the way that some frameworks that it has are only supported by tvOS. You can create entirely new apps with tvOS or use your iOS code as a starting point for building a tvOS app. With shared and multi-user experience and similarities with iOS platform, tvOS provides for app development possibilities not found in iOS platform. It is used to develop apps for Apple TV platform. With the advent of Apple TV on tvOS, the users can use social apps, productivity apps, watch movies, share their experiences and do a host of other interesting things. Hence, tvOS has opened up an entirely new arena for mobile app development.

Hire our tvOS developers because

We at ZeroZilla, follow a streamlined process for tvOS app development. The various stages of the process are

  • Knowing the target audience of the app and analyzing your tvOS app design requirements.
  • Deciding the suitable style for the app design.
  • Coding and creating all the app assets in tvOS.
  • Intuitive and attractive UI design and integrating all the elements.
  • Unit-testing is applied to make the app bug free.
  • The client has to approve the app.
  • The final app is submitted to the Apple app store.

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The tvOS developers in ZeroZilla design

  • Marketing Apps
  • Advertising Apps
  • Smart Homes Apps
  • Health & Medical Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Religious Apps
  • News Apps
  • Cartoon Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Learning Apps

Why do you need to hire our tvOS developers?

  • The tvOS developers in the ZeroZilla team are highly experienced and are proficient in programming with Apple tvOS SDK.
  • Our tvOS developers have vast industry experience and have developed 100+ tvOS apps and games.
  • They develop tvOS apps and games with top-notch quality and perfection.
  • We ensure on-time delivery of tvOS apps developed by our team at ZeroZilla.
  • Our clients can contact our development team at any time over phone, email, IM and Whatsapp.
  • Your app idea, app data and other information are safe with us, and we will not share it with any third party.
  • The tvOS apps that we develop for the Apple TV platform will satisfy all your expectations.

Our Add-On

The team of tvOS developers in ZeroZilla is developing native tvOS apps for Apple TV for quite a long time. With advanced remote supported with Siri, tvOS apps give impeccable user experience on Apple TV platform. Our tvOS developers are proficient in working with layered images and Apple TV top shelf. Some of the features of tvOS that our team specializes in are

  • Siri remote.
  • UISplitViewController.
  • Web API Access.
  • Top shelf and layered images.
  • Communicating with URL schemes.
  • Components of UIKit.
  • TableViews.
  • Incorporating imagery and video assets.
  • Focus Model.
  • Designing a layered app icon.

Features of tvOS SDK

  • The tvOS SDK comes loaded with all new development tools.
  • This SDK helps in building apps for TV with APIs like 'Metal' included in the iOS 9.
  • By allowing the users to browse, upload and download a variety of Apple TV apps, this SDK adds an App Store for these functions.
  • The developers can use their own interface inside of their application instead of the given Apple's interface by using the tvOS SDK.
  • A parallax exporter and previewer come as a part of development tools of tvOS SDK, which helps in creating a parallax image for the application icon.

Why our tvOS developers are better than freelance tvOS developers?

  • With vast experience, our tvOS developers develop high-end TV apps using tvOS Apple SDK and such an experience may not be present in freelance developers.
  • Our tvOS developers develop feature-rich Apple TV apps for iOS-based TV systems at affordable costs and this high-quality and affordability may be absent in freelance developers.
  • Having strict deadlines, our tvOS developers develop excellent TV apps for Apple TV systems within stipulated time adhering to client needs and with high-quality and the inexperienced freelance developers may lack this.
  • At the end of a project, the freelance tvOS developers stop giving the technical support to their clients. But the tvOS developers in ZeroZilla continue their technical support for up to six months from the date of project completion.
  • The strong infrastructure facility and the reputed company background like ZeroZilla have made our tvOS developers the best in all aspects when compared to freelance developers.