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HTML to CMS Conversion

HTML to CMS Conversion

There was a time when knowing HTML and CSS languages was compulsory for website creation and development. But today by the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) the task of editing and maintaining websites can be easily done with just a working knowledge of computer systems. If you have an HTML based static website for your company, it is high time that you get it converted to CMS as it will give more control to you over your website.

The old static website will look aesthetically good and will function well when it is converted to dynamic CMS website. We do responsive web development after converting your HTML website to CMS-based website, which will make your website adjust to different screen sizes and devices. It will allow you to update and edit content on your website very easily. ZeroZilla offers you the best in class HTML to CMS conversion services and it is one of the top web designing companies in the world. We deliver HTML to CMS conversion projects within the stipulated time at affordable costs.

Why choose ZeroZilla for HTML to CMS conversion services?

  • With 8+ years of industry experience in HTML to CMS conversion projects, we develop excellent dynamic websites from your HTML based websites.
  • We offer six months of technical support to the HTML to CMS conversion projects executed at ZeroZilla from the date of completion.
  • We convert your static HTML websites into dynamic CMS websites at affordable costs, and we provide responsive design to make these websites work on all types of devices.
  • We at ZeroZilla complete the HTML to CMS conversion projects within the given deadlines, and we also ensure high quality of the websites.
  • ZeroZilla strictly abides by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we promise that we will never share your design idea or any other information with a third-party and for us, all such information is strictly confidential.

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Some advantages of HTML to CMS conversion are

  • The conversion of HTML to CMS gives dynamic character to the website and such websites can be easily created, managed and maintained by the user's end.
  • Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and other such CMS are highly customizable and have a wide variety of supportive plug-ins and themes to give visual quality to the website.
  • Most of the CMS used in designing websites are SEO friendly, and they will be built for the publishing purposes, and they will fetch higher search engine rankings to the websites that are designed using them.
  • These CMS systems come with a huge user and developer community with a lot of resources like video tutorials, useful tips & helpful blogs that will help the users and developers in controlling and managing the dynamic CMS-based websites.
  • As most of the CMS like WordPress is open source, there are many plug-ins, add-ons, and themes available for free to develop the websites. These CMS based websites are easy to maintain and can be handled easily by the users and all these factors make the process of HTML to CMS conversion highly cost-effective.
  • The websites that are developed by using CMS are highly secure. Most of the CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others have numerous trustworthy security plug-ins that protect the websites from frequent attacks.
  • The websites developed from HTML to CMS conversion are scalable and flexible. These websites can be frequently edited to scale up or scale down the website according to needs and with its total control on the database of the website, the CMS based websites are highly flexible.
  • Data is stored directly in the database and you can have a backup of old website to use any content in it in the future for the new website.
  • CMS-based websites are very simple to maintain and update and so there is no need of waiting for a developer to update or edit your website, you can only update the content using the simple user interface in the CMS like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.
  • In CMS-based websites, the code and program are separated and hence there is no tension of changes made in the code affecting the program or changes made in the program affecting the code.

Some HTML to CMS conversion services that we provide are

  • We make it a point while converting HTML-based websites to CMS-based websites that the resulting websites are SEO-friendly and these websites will surely get higher ranking on the search engine result pages.
  • We provide population and migration services for transferring the existing HTML database to CMS-based database so that it becomes easy to manage the website by yourself and also it will load faster.
  • We offer modular designs for the website which will make it more structured and lightweight and it can also be easily crawled upon by search engine spiders for getting higher page rankings.
  • We also enable easy CSS integration in the websites without any tables which make the website organized and less clumsy resulting in easy navigation and better data management.
  • We assist in the custom installation of the selected CMS according to your needs and provide initial guidance to you in editing, updating and maintaining your CMS-based website.