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IoT Overview

Internet of Things Applications Across Industries


Intel Provides the raw material to connect, secure, and manage emerging IoT applications.


IoT at Work Today

Internet Of Things (IoT) and its biome allows things to be remotely controlled and sensed across existing network infrastructure. It will solve prolonged industry-specific challenges. The solutions connect data and produces insights of solutions so that you can improve efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit in addition to reduced human intervention.


In collaboration with IoT, redefine the experiences in cars that will turn data insight into information that can be acted upon in future. The biome will make fully autonomous driving possible.


By using IoT, one can manage energy more coherently; the information can be shared in real time with the help of power grid.


IoT will prioritize personalized healthcare. Wearable's, smart equipment's and cloud storage solutions will help can help healthcare professionals to access patient data, and improve health outcomes from anywhere, thus transforming healthcare.


The IoT will allow industries to deliver high performance in shorten time with scalable products and optimized production at the same time.


Through IoT, simplify your retail enterprise experience and revive customer experience. Also, increase efficiencies of supply chain.


The buildings core data is collected from core systems viz. security devices. IoT takes care of rising energy costs, sustainability, and code compliance.


With IoT solutions, control your home with voice commands, know who is at the door, who entered the room or even who broke the glass. Make the dream of a secure smart home a reality.


Artificial intelligence and cloud computing has led to self-driving cars to intelligent transportation and logistics systems, the IoT helps reduce traffic and promotes clean environment with reduced costs.