Zerozilla Technologies has made it’s presence felt in the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore. We take pride in placing our foot amongst the leading web, software development, digital marketing and mobile App developing companies across the globe.

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Our end-to-end lead generation will evoke interest, inform, re-affirm, weed out and present to you a list of customers in full bloom!

They say if you can’t bring a horse to the water, bring him a bucket of it! We say we’ll not only bring the horse to you but also make him drink the water, nibble on a carrot and do a little two-step!

By the horse we, of course, mean your customer. By water, we refer to a product you’re offering, the carrot is another product and the dance is basically the customer delight that follows!

So, what makes us so sure?

Our qualified leads are scientifically curated using intelligent data. Guesses and bets don’t work in our business. In fact, all our leads are so ready-to-buy that all you need to do is show up and deliver.

Plus our efforts towards attracting these leads are pretty thorough(bred!).

We use:
  1. database communication
  2. referral campaigns,
  3. product surveys,
  4. social media campaigns,
  5. Manage comments and feedback and
  6. blogging,
  7. e-mail marketing and
  8. newsletters
  9. Till the audience is ripe and ready for a picking!

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One Way Link Building

We apply the best One Way Link Building Strategies to help your business get improved visibility during online searches and improved ranking on the search engines.

Enhance brand popularity with popular one-way links

Niche specific one way links built with ease

Harness the power of one way linking juice

Unfolding the brilliant advantages that our smart lead generation solutions

Generating leads can work to the advantage of any business as good leads can become the most loyal customers for any business entity in just no time!

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Brand Awareness

One of the top 100 advertising and marketing agencies knows what it means to be

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Sales Spikes

We help in turning leads into your loyal buyers thereby helping you experience remarkable sales spikes

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Positive ROI

You can experience positive ROI and reduced cost per lead through our best lead generation services

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Targeting perfection

You can target your desired audiences perfectly through our top notch quality lead generation services

Pricing Table Chose A Plan That Works For You

Whether you are a start-up, medium scale or larger enterprise, we have the best solutions to help you achieve greater heights.

Our Social Media marketing support is available in 3 different variants. Choose from our available social media marketing plans without delay!

Basic Plan

  • This social media marketing plan consists in basic support for your business

  • Weekly 2 Content/Poll/Contest Updates

  • Reputation Management

  • Fan Base Improvement

30,000 Per Month
Select Plan

Premium Plan

  • This social media marketing plan consists in best premium support for your business

  • All Social Media Optimisation & Marketing

  • Regular Content/Poll/Contest Updates

  • Reputation Management

  • Paid Campaigns

  • Fan Base Improvement

  • LinkedIn Article Creation & Submission

  • Q & A Submissions

  • ORM Integration

  • Theme Based Campaigns

  • Advanced Support

50,000 Per Month
Select Plan

How to get started?​

Knowing your business

We will call you and try to pick a basic idea about your business. After taking all relevant info from you, we’ll churn out the best marketing plan from our repertoire. We make sure it fits your budget!

Market research and Gap Analysis

Our lead generation experts will delve deep into the market your business is in. They’ll identify the loopholes & gaps standing in the way of getting you quality leads. Next, a strategy will be made to fill those gaps.

Watch your traffic grow

Quality leads can lead to traffic influx. We use our expertise to target quality leads for you and make sure that the target leads soon convert to traffic and then to potential buyers as well as forever buyers of your products & services.

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