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PHP Development

PHP Development

PHP is an open source scripting language which can be used to develop robust CMS (Content Management System). Content management systems are used to manage content and website layout during web development. Each business has distinct CMS needs and hence the CMS's need to be customized to meet their business requirements. PHP based CMS offers separated management for both website layout and content repository.

The interdependence between content and layout is zero in PHP web development and each one of them can be updated on the website without affecting the other. Joomla CMS, WordPress CMS, Magento CMS and Drupal CMS are the four main CMS's based on PHP web development. Each one of them comes with a distinct set of built-in features and can be customized to suit the business requirements of individuals. We at ZeroZilla provide comprehensive PHP-based CMS development services and our PHP developers provide best-in-class Content Management Systems designed after analyzing your business needs.

Why choose ZeroZilla for PHP-based CMS development services

  • We at ZeroZilla offer customized content management systems (CMS) based on PHP for your business and it can be developed with features matching the needs of the client.
  • Our PHP developers have a thorough knowledge of developing CMS across different PHP-based platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. These CMS's can be analyzed and the best one can be selected depending on your requirement.
  • The PHP developers in ZeroZilla are highly experienced in CMS development with 15+ years of industry experience.
  • We write clean, simple and effective code in PHP for developing the CMS for you and CMS's developed by us are operationally rich.
  • With a fast turnaround time, we develop your CMS projects within given deadline and it will fulfill all your expectations.
  • Having affordable prices our CMS packages come with all necessary features and required customization.

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Some Benefits of using PHP-based Content Management Systems

  • As PHP-based CMS's are open source, they can be tweaked and customized for meeting the customer needs. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS's are highly customizable with many in-built features.
  • In WordPress itself,we get nearly 17,000 plug-ins that help in customizing the CMS according to user needs.
  • With a huge community of users in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento, the developers can get access to vast user resources to learn and improve in developing and the clients can also get the knowledge of using them.
  • These PHP-based content management systems are highly user-friendly, even a novice can manage, organize, update and edit the contents.
  • Being easy to maintain and having regular stable updates the WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento CMS's are the eye candy for clients and users.
  • The PHP-based content management systems are highly economical in terms of installation and can be easily handled by the client side with little practice which will reduce the maintenance costs.
  • A user can achieve functionalities like polls, event calendars, quizzes and others by adopting PHP-based CMS systems which ensure advanced site functionality.
  • The total cost of ownership and scalability are the two important features of PHP-based CMS's and you can scale up or scale down the content based on need without any hassle.
  • Integration capability is a main characteristic of the content management systems based on PHP and provides options for third-party integration of features and functionalities not available in the core CMS framework.

Some PHP-based CMS development services offered by ZeroZilla are

  • We provide customized WordPress CMS development solutions with options like WordPress Plug-in development, PSD to WordPress conversion, site migration, maintenance & support and other such options.
  • With features like the ability to support OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and software design pattern, we design Joomla CMS which is highly flexible to meet the client requirements.
  • Our Magento CMS developers provide services like Magento extension development, Magento theme designing, Magento support & maintenance and many other such services.
  • The PHP-based CMS developers in ZeroZilla are well versed in Drupal CMS development which has features like system administration, page layout customization and RSS feeds.
  • Having extensive knowledge of different PHP-based CMS systems, we provide cost-effective CMS development solutions in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento based CMS systems.