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Salesforce is the company that provides the world's No 1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The Salesforce CRM software is completely hosted inthe cloud and does not need a team of IT professionals for setting up and execution. The businesses can directly log into the software and get started. With the advent of Salesforce software, the concept of CRM is completely revolutionized and has changed the industry forever. All the products of Salesforce are entirely cloud-based with no maintenance costs; no setup costs and the employees can directly access your CRM through any device with internet connection like laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Salesforce CRM is useful for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Its ease of use has made it the No 1 CRM and most widely used CRM in the world. This CRM is aptly called as 'Customer Success Platform' as it not only caters to sales and marketing but also enables you to manage all the interactions with your customers and prospects so that your company will improve and grow. We at ZeroZilla provide Salesforce products and solutions in the cloud

Why choose ZeroZilla for Salesforce services?

  • Our Salesforce developers have 15+ years of industry experience and provide Salesforce products and solutions to you based on your business needs.
  • The Salesforce solutions and products that we provide will download and install in minutes, will not have any upfront charges and come with low-cost subscription options.
  • We provide Salesforce solutions that can be deployed within few days considerably reducing the costs when compared to your competitors and will provide you with highest ROI.
  • We implement and integrate Salesforce CRM with other enterprises systems.
  • We do Salesforce applications development based on Visualforce, Apex, Portals and Integration.
  • Through Salesforce CRM, we provide easy management of your marketing and sales operations and customer interactions with complete visibility and at low costs.

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Advantages of using Salesforce

  • Ease of use: The Salesforce CRM is easy to use and it can be handled easily by even a novice. It has a simple interface and does not need coding; instead, everything is served to you with minimum difficulty.
  • A wide array of user resources: In order to make the users familiar with the simplicity, flexibility and efficient functionality of Salesforce CRM, the SalesforceCompany has invested heavily in creating blogs, education posts, tutorials, videosand there are many such open user resources for the people utilizing Salesforce CRM.
  • Enhanced communication levels with customers: As all the needs, aspirations, buying patterns and every other detail are stored in Salesforce CRM, it becomes easy for the CRM executives to communicate with the customers and also the customer info can be easily accessed by the employee on the cloud.
  • The ease of automation: Salesforce CRM has the capability of automating some small tasks like sending reports, filling out forms, addressing legal issues and other such tasks. This will give your employees ample time for major tasks like closing leads and resolving issues.
  • Useful data and reporting: The Salesforce CRM software collects heaps of customer data and analyzes them and creates reports based on it. Businesses across different domains can take important business decisions based on these reports and rectify the loopholes in their business.

The Salesforce services that we provide are

  • ZeroZilla provides sales cloud services to provide impeccable sales support to different businesses across domains.
  • We provide cloud support services to close issues faster with the help of automation and AI integrated into the Salesforce CRM.
  • Being robust and scalable, we provide world's most powerful 1 to 1 digital marketing platform allowing you to reach customers through social, email, web and mobile.
  • We help you in building different communities or groups of your customers, partners or employees in the Salesforce CRM and you can easily connect and collaborate with them.
  • By providing you with the power of Einstein analytics in the Salesforce CRM, we help you in taking right business decisions.
  • With the option to build customized apps to suit your business needs using Salesforce CRM platform, we empower you with provisions to customize your entire Salesforce CRM experience.
  • ZeroZilla helps you in using Salesforce CRM to connect 'Internet of Things' (IoT) to the internet of customers.