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React Native APP

ZeroZilla has immense experience in developing dynamic & custom applications using React Native at an affordable cost. The apps are built cross-platform for IOS and Android with efficiency and speed. We leverage all the great features of React Native to help you develop intuitive cross-platform mobile applications. Our development capabilities use a single codebase shared between different platforms enabling faster time to market with shorter development cycle and faster development times using the life reload and other features. Multiple industries have leveraged our React Native services including location-based apps, e-commerce, social networking, and utility tools and so on. Few of the major advantages of using react native to your mobile app is that it has rich UI Components. Platforms like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook and Walmart relies on it. The applications developed with react-native are the same speed as the native application. Since it is cross-platform app framework it comes with hot reloading so that you can run new code while retaining your application state. React native requires less time to develop applications thus it is a big time saver.

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