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Enabling your brand’s success via social media

Interact with your target audience on social media platforms, engage them meaningfully & cause them to buy from you…
Make the most of social media as a marketing tool!

Engaging Business Decisions
for Revenue Growth

High website traffic

Higher conversion rate

More qualified leads

Lower customer acquisition cost

Engaging in fruitful partnerships for a successful outcome

Right now, at this very moment, 77% of World's citizens are either posting, sharing, clicking, liking, following or thinking “Let’s see what’s up on FB today!”. That’s the social media craze that’s hit our masses and like how! By 2020, there will be close to 3 billion social media users on this planet. A Big “Like” to that, we say!

Why? ‘Cos now we know where, how, and when your customer eats, drinks, sleeps, travels, purchases and what! But like everything else, social media marketing (SMM) needs to be done right.

SMM is the new avatar of Internet Marketing but of course, better. It’s more focused, refined, interactive and effective.

Accordingly we:
  • Utilize the perfect blend of social media tools to create enough buzz that drives traffic directly to your website and product pages. We
  • Create exciting theme-based Facebook ad campaigns,
  • Run your social media accounts with content that draws in the readers,
  • Use our knowledge of trending hashtags,
  • Manage comments and feedback and
  • Spread your word, far and wide.
  • If you got something to say, we gotta post it!

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Generating Promising Social Links

Build powerful, sharable social links on social media to get more leads & expand your clientele

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Brand Positioning

The consistent approach helps in positioning your brand on social media making it memorable & trustworthy. We help you with the right messaging tone, voice and the right way to reach out to your audience which constantly improves your Brand Value.

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Leads Generation

Strategic positioning & boosting the engagement results in driving quality traffic to your website. Qualifying the leads with the right strategies on social media makes them buy your products or services frequently

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Increased Engagement

As the name suggests, social media are a place to get social to build trust for your brand. Consumer-focused campaigns make it memorable & drive more engagement. Our engagement strategy just fits right for your Brand as we believe in actionable strategies not bookish.

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Social Proof for Growth

Social media are the best place to show what your happy customers say about your products or services. This helps in building trust and a powerful brand association for your customers. We find the best way to build strong social proof & present across the platforms.

Finding the Right Platform or going Omnichannel?

There are multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and so on.

Which Platform is best for you?
Where your customers hanging out?

Finding the Right Platform

Every social media Platform doesn’t fit right to reach your ideal customers. Reaching out to them where they are spending more time is the best way to generate engaged audience as well as potential buyers. As per your audience category we optimise your profiles on right channel.

Targeting Perfection

Everyone is not your Target Audience. Successful outcomes are strategically planned & implemented. By understanding your audience pain points & their behaviour, we craft a campaign which resonates with them & make them take action which results in fruitful results.

Performance Tracking

Measuring the performance & tracking the results helps in adopting the results based approach. We ensure to audit the campaigns regularly for successful outcomes. Detailed reporting gives a clarity on where you stand and what should we do to improve for the better.

Social media plays a crucial role in reaching out to masses

The way you engage your audience on social media goes a long way in expanding your clientele. The better you engage the better will be your client base.

Improved Brand Awareness

Talk about your brand on social media & make all aware of its distinctiveness and value in the market

Increased Traffic and SEO Ranking

The way you interact with your audience on social media can influence the quality of traffic you receive & your SEO ranking too!

Pricing Table

Chose A Plan That Works For You

Whether you are a start-up, medium scale or larger enterprise, we have the best solutions to help you achieve greater heights. Our Social Media marketing support is available in 3 different variants. Choose from our available social media marketing plans without delay!

Basic Plan

  • This social media marketing plan consists in basic support for your business

  • Weekly 2 Content/Poll/Contest Updates

  • Reputation Management

  • Fan Base Improvement

Select Plan

Premium Plan

  • This social media marketing plan consists in best premium support for your business

  • All Social Media Optimisation & Marketing

  • Regular Content/Poll/Contest Updates

  • Reputation Management

  • Paid Campaigns

  • Fan Base Improvement

  • LinkedIn Article Creation & Submission

  • Q & A Submissions

  • ORM Integration

  • Theme Based Campaigns

  • Advanced Support

Select Plan

How to get started?

Discovery Call

Every action starts with an initial conversation. Discovery call helps us understanding the challenges you are facing, where you stand currently and what are the objectives you want to achieve so that we craft a solution to achieve the same with timelines.

Market research and Gap Analysis

Our SMM Experts will undertake in-depth market research to gain an understanding of the market in which your business is positioned. They'll identify the gaps and loopholes in the market and will design a strategy to plug those loopholes.

Watch your traffic grow

Soon your business will take the social media platforms by storm. An influx of traffic from the social media platforms is guaranteed for you once you have chosen us for social media marketing. Your social media interactions will convert to sales in just no time!

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