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Static Website Designing

Static Website Designing

Static Web designing is a process of creating a website with static web pages, which means having pages with fixed content written using HTML& CSS language. At any point in time,all the users get to see the same content and it is designed by creating few HTML pages and hosting them on the web server. Static websites do not require proficiency in web programming and database design as in case of dynamic websites. The content of each page needs to be manually updated by the webmaster as these static web pages contain fixed code. Hence, static web designing is suitable for small or medium-sized company websites not requiring frequent content updating and with few web pages. But for larger companies with few hundred pages, static websites are not feasible, so they need to be designed as dynamic websites, sometimes with a Content Management System (CMS).

We at ZeroZilla provide best in class static website designing services with the help of our experienced static web developers according to the client's needs at affordable costs.

Why choose ZeroZilla for static web designing services?

  • The static web developers in ZeroZilla are highly experienced with 15+ years of industry experience in static web designing and deliver stunning static websites designed according to your needs at affordable costs.
  • We have designed 500+ static websites until now and completed all the projects within their deadlines and our clients are really happy with our services.
  • Having the latest technology updates, our static web developers build excellent static websites designed according to international standards and latest web design trends.
  • You can reach us 24/7 and our experts will be pleased to help you on project issues, technical support and other queries over the phone, Whatsapp, IM and email.
  • Our professionally designed static websites are rich in meaningful content, have an extraordinary UI, have colorful templates and layouts, have effective integration of social media tools and many more features.

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Some advantages of using static website designing are

  • Static websites are easy to develop and also take less time for development as simple HTML & CSS languages knowledge is utilized.
  • They are best suited for small businesses that have only a few pages of information and do not need to frequently update the content.
  • These static websites are easily indexed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as they are lightweight with only HTML & CSS pages to scan through.
  • Hosting services available for static websites are cheaper than the hosting services available for dynamic websites.
  • With an easy process of development, these static websites are cheaper to develop when compared to dynamic websites as they do not depend on complex web programming and large databases.
  • The static websites can be easily optimized by providing SEO compliant content and easy integration of social media channels.
  • Continuous maintenance is not required in case of static websites and hence the maintenance costs for static websites is low.
  • The client can effectively implement his design idea in static website designing as the design process is simple and straightforward.
  • Any person with a basic knowledge of HTML can update the static website, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Some static web development services provided by us are

  • We offer excellent design interface with an enhanced website layout, custom selected fonts and impeccable content to meet your static website needs.
  • We do not believe in stuffing the website with varied features and contents for making it stand out, instead, we focus on the overall appearance and use of the static website so that visitors remain on the page for a while and become prospective leads for your business.
  • We especially cater to the static website needs of startups with budget constraints who initially want to carve a niche for their products or services in the market.
  • We provide features like cross-browser compatibility, fast loading time, SEO friendly content and others with the static websites designed by us.
  • The static websites designed by us are search engine friendly and can be easily crawled upon by the search engine spiders for better indexing and ranking of your website.