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Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning

Website redesigning services are imperative for businesses if they have an outdated website and the website is not able to attract many customers to the business. Many times the websites are slow to load, non-SEO friendly and have a host of other problems, which will have a bad effect on the conversion rates of your website. If you want a robust and stunning website then you should opt for a website redesigning service that will give a 360-degree overhaul to your website.

We at ZeroZilla provide top-notch website redesigning services by increasing the loading speed of the website, enhancing the look & feel of the website, making the website SEO-friendly and will do a host of other enhancements that will attract more people to your website and result in high conversions. We provide best in class UX & UI design that will give an incredible user experience to the website users and will convert more visitors into customers.

Why choose ZeroZilla for website redesigning services?

  • Having more than 15+ years of experience in website designing, our web developers will deliver faster and visually appealing websites which will attract more customers.
  • We design your website by keeping in mind the core purpose of your business so that it gets reflected on the website to attract more people.
  • You get to choose from a plethora of web design prototypes with various customization and you can choose anyone according to your requirement.
  • We do SEO for your website, which will drastically increase the page ranking of your website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of different search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.
  • Your website will load faster as soon as we redesign it and this will make people stay longer on the page and get converted to potential customers.
  • For designing your websites we employ responsive design techniques and hence, the websites will open in all types of browsers and devices and will visually adjust to different screen sizes.

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Some benefits of website redesigning

  • You can revamp your brand and logo on your website according to the latest market trends and your website can reflect the brand identity and purpose of your website when you redesign it.
  • If your website has become less user-friendly due to continuous addition of content, then you can reorganize the content and make your website more user-friendly by redesigning it.
  • Over the years you might have added a lot of new products and services to your business, which is not reflected in your website and hence, you can redesign your website to focus on such new products and services.
  • Instead of having old technology, you can step up your website with new technology elements like product finders, interactive maps, mobile features and service widgets, which will make your website inviting and technology updated.
  • By redesigning your website you can have an altogether new SEO strategy with new keywords which will boost your rankings in all the search engines. You can incorporate new elements like social media features, CRM integration, adopting user tracking and a host of other features which will attract more visitors to your website and increase conversion rates.
  • Web designing trends keep changing and you need to keep up with them by revamping your website design. Get better graphics in place of old stock art so that your website becomes visually pleasing.
  • You can update your website by moving to a better server that can accommodate more and more visitors coming to your website.
  • With an updated server, your websites will get faster load times which keeps the customers happy as there is no need of waiting for the website to load.
  • While updating or redesigning your website you can also go for an SSL certificate, which gives extra security to the data exchanged on the website against hacks and malicious attacks.

Some website redesigning services that we provide are

  • We redesign your websites to be visually stunning and our design experts make them dynamic by using Content Management System which makes it easier for the users to edit the website content on their own.
  • We provide redesigning services for your e-commerce websites with neat product layouts, product finders, updated content which is SEO optimized, seamless checkout process and host of other features.
  • We provide new UX designs and patterns for your website that will make the visitors feel more comfortable and will give them seamless user experience.
  • We conduct extensive unit testing of your redesigned websites for design and functionality and make them free from bugs and errors.
  • We are experts in custom design development and provide technical support for a period of six months from the date of final project completion, and we provide our services at affordable costs.