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WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is a PHP scripting language-based online tool that helps in creating websites. It is a very simple and powerful blogging platform and website Content Management System (CMS). This CMS is open source and can be improvised by developers in many ways. Today nearly 23.4% websites in the world are powered by WordPress. The integrated SEO features increase the ranking of the websites designed with WordPress in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). WordPress web development platform can be utilized in creating standard websites, blogs and e-commerce websites selling different products.

Our WordPress developers in ZeroZilla are highly experienced, and they design and customize WordPress based websites by using various plug-ins, add-ons and extensions. We design high-end WordPress applications and websites to suit client's requirements and strictly deliver websites within given deadline.

Why choose ZeroZilla for WordPress web development?

  • We at ZeroZilla provide WordPress web development services to cater to the needs of the client adhering to strict deadlines and at an affordable cost.
  • Our WordPress developers are well-versed with its extendible nature and hence, provide custom web development using various plug-ins, add-ons and extensions.
  • The WordPress developers in ZeroZilla have 12+ years of industry experience in designing websites and web applications with unmatched quality.
  • By using responsive technology in WordPress web development, our developers make sure that the websites and applications they design open seamlessly on all devices with different screen sizes like smartphones, tablets, iPhones, laptops, desktops and others.
  • At ZeroZilla, our WordPress developers follow the scrum and agile principles of web development and hence are able to produce stunning websites with seamless agility and wider reach.

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Advantages of WordPress web development

  • WordPress (WP) is highly cost-effective in terms of web development as it is open source and you only need to pay for the design and development services. With a simple UI, it can be easily maintained by the user and content updating and editing is also very easy.
  • Additional functionalities and features can be easily added to WP-based websites for upgrading them by using different plug-ins and most of the developers specialize in custom WP plug-in development.
  • As WP is a relatively old technology, it boasts of a vast user community and developer community and hence there are various user resources, tutorials, reference documents that will help the users and developers in doing more with WP.
  • The WordPress platform is completely integrated with social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others. There is no need to connect to each network separately; instead, WP will automatically let your social media community know that you have newly published content on your website.
  • Every time a new article is posted on the WordPress blog, it is automatically sent to the RSS feeds that allow the others to syndicate your content across directories and other websites.
  • A plethora of themes are available in WP that helps in enhancing the look and navigation of the websites and a lot of customization options are available in WP for themes.
  • Being easy to use, WP is the eye candy of clients and has an intuitive interface. Editing blogs, updating blogs, adding new images and other operations can be easily executed in WP and time spent on formatting is also less.
  • WordPress does not require a separate HTML editing software, you can create a new page, add images, format text, upload a document and do a host of other activities without the need of an HTML or FTP software.
  • The WordPress-based websites are highly scalable and you can have thousands of web pages or blogs on a website without affecting the performance of the website even a little bit.

Some WordPress-based services that we provide are

  • We provide complete installation and configuration services for WordPress and help you in using its simple user interface so that you can execute your daily WP based operations easily.
  • You can get our unique WordPress template design services which will help in giving a new look and feel to your WP based websites.
  • Our WordPress web development services are highly flexible and scalable as we provide WP development in different environments like building a community website, non-profit website, personal blog, e-commerce website and much more and can also be scaled according to your needs.
  • All the WordPress-based websites that are developed by us are compliant with international standards like being fully compliant with the W3C standards.
  • The WordPress websites designed by us are SEO optimized so that your websites rank higher in the organic search results and also are integrated with social media sites for better performance.