An account on how Zerozilla spearheaded the year’s biggest Retail tech event organized by a Global retail giant’s tech arm

Project Awareness

The client is the technology counterpart of a global, people-driven, technology-fuelled omnichannel retailer. The business operates at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, driven by a vision to revolutionize retail tech. The company is instrumental in propelling the retail brand, by developing technological capabilities and retail solutions.   

As part of the third edition of the brand’s flagship event, held on September 15, 2023, the company sought a digital marketing partner capable of seamlessly promoting, managing, and executing the event. The company aimed to drive traffic and registrations for the event and Zerozilla proved instrumental in achieving this goal through end-to-end marketing including shortlisting, managing the speakers and their sessions, comprehensive strategy development, content creation and management, audience nurturing, engagement initiatives, and performance marketing tactics, among others.

Client Objectives

  • Generate widespread excitement for the flagship event, captivating industry leaders, professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts alike. Introduce an open innovation challenge for students, and a dynamic retail tech masterclass featuring the retail organization’s leaders discussing cutting-edge innovations, ensuring an air of anticipation. 
  • Craft a captivating microsite dedicated to the event, which also gives a glimpse of the student-centric session, strategically designed to attract traffic and drive increased registrations. The objective was to offer a seamless online experience that enticed participants. 
  • Shape the event’s narrative by setting a compelling agenda and curating a lineup of speakers. This intricate process involved selecting the key speakers, confirming their availability, and meticulously preparing session scripts to ensure a seamless and impactful event experience. 
  • Employ a multifaceted marketing strategy, leveraging the event landing page, social media platforms, content and email marketing, as well as paid advertising to amplify visibility and encourage heightened participation both online and offline, thereby elevating the overall success of the marquee event. 

Zerozilla’s Solution

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  • Curated a select group of distinguished speakers for the event, extending invitations and persistently following up to confirm their availability. Crafted compelling session scripts and expertly managed each speaker’s session to ensure an impactful event experience. 
  • Executed an impactful social media marketing campaign by featuring the event across all relevant pages. Crafted exclusive branded hashtags for consistent cross-channel usage. Meticulously planned and scheduled a dynamic content calendar aligned with the event, incorporating diverse formats such as reels, carousels, and static posts. Leveraged newsletters on LinkedIn to disseminate valuable information, including event details, session highlights, and press releases. Curated compelling articles for the organization’s leaders’ LinkedIn profiles and engaging blog posts on session topics. 
  • Orchestrated targeted email campaigns encompassing informative, nurturing, invite, reminder, follow-up, and confirmation emails, effectively cultivating a robust audience for the event. 
  • Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify trending organic and brand-specific keywords, driving organic traffic through podcasts and rich content. Implemented off-page SEO strategies, including event listings and backlinks from PR publications. 
  • Executed paid promotion activities with a focus on campaign ideation, planning, content creation, CTA-curation, budget optimization, audience analysis, and retargeting initiatives. 
  • Implemented a diverse range of paid advertising strategies, including targeted PPC and display campaigns on Google and LinkedIn, event boosting on LinkedIn, video ads on YouTube, native and roadblock ads, retargeting ads on Google, awareness ads on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 
  • Engaged in proactive monitoring of engagement metrics such as likes, saves, shares, and comments, and promptly responded to comments and queries to foster a dynamic and interactive online community. 
  • Enabled tools to track the key metrics. This involved measuring engagement metrics, analyzing audience insights, data analysis and evaluation. 

Value Unlocked

Our flagship event has been an incredible journey! Thank you to our amazing audience, speakers, and associates for crafting an unparalleled retail tech experience. It was a privilege to host some of the industry’s brightest minds discussing AI/ML, AR/VR, Cloud, and Automation. Amid insightful discussions and ‘aha’ moments, we learned new ways to ‘power the present and enable the future.’ Congratulations to all associates, volunteers and the entire team for making it a resounding success!

Balu Chaturvedula

SVP & Country Head


Zerozilla played a pivotal role in amplifying the success of the retail tech event. Through adept management and strategic digital marketing, Zerozilla significantly heightened the event’s visibility with a strategic microsite, engaging social media campaigns, and targeted emails. Overall, Zerozilla’s comprehensive strategy and meticulous execution solidified the event as a resounding success in the realm of retail tech events. 

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