How a Digital Makeover Enhanced an OTT Solutions Provider’s Lead Generation Strategy 

Project Awareness

The client is a media technology company providing end-to-end OTT platform solutions, broadcast and digitization solutions. The company utilizes its decade-long experience in OTT and broadcasting technologies to provide next-generation immersive video experiences by incorporating AR, VR, deep learning, and context-aware technologies. The business offers a range of products suitable for all segments of customers and verticals.  

Client Objectives

  • The website’s outdated design and functionality did not reflect the OTT solution provider’s innovative capabilities, making it difficult to attract and retain visitors. 
  • High bounce rates and slow loading speeds, due to outdated content and subpar website performance, negatively impacted the user experience. 
  • Existing SEO efforts of the OTT solutions provider were ineffective, leading to poor search engine rankings and limited organic traffic. 
  • Inconsistent branding and messaging across digital platforms diluted the client’s market positioning and brand identity. 
  • The website failed to effectively engage users, resulting in low interaction and a weak lead conversion rate. 


Zerozilla’s Solution

Services Offered:

Enterprise Web Development

Content Marketing

Resolution Approach

UI/UX Design Solution

  • Creating Website Structure: We strategically designed the website structure to align with the OTT solutions provider’s offerings and marketing objectives, ensuring a seamless integration of user journey and business goals. 
  • Crafting Brand Kit: Developed a cohesive brand kit to maintain consistent branding and messaging across all digital platforms, creating a unified brand identity. 
  • Actual Design (Figma): Using Figma, we created modern, engaging website designs that not only enhanced visual appeal but also ensured an intuitive user experience, setting the stage for improved user engagement. 
  • Interactive Elements: Added interactive elements such as animations, hover effects, and dynamic content to engage users and make the browsing experience more enjoyable. 

Enterprise Web Development

  • Choosing ReactJS Tech: We selected ReactJS for its efficient component-based architecture, which supports long-term growth and integration with new technologies. 
  • Content Development: Aligned content creation with the new UI/UX design, producing compelling, SEO-optimized content that resonated with the target audience. 
  • Proper CTAs and Lead Magnets: Strategically placed calls-to-action and lead magnets to drive conversions and capture leads, seamlessly integrating with the overall user experience. 
  • Performance and Speed Optimization: Enhanced website performance and loading speed, significantly reducing bounce rates and improving overall user satisfaction. 
  • Regular Maintenance: Implemented regular maintenance protocols to ensure the website remained up-to-date and secure, fostering trust and reliability among users. 

Content and Digital Marketing

  • Comprehensive SEO Strategy: Conducted in-depth keyword research, implemented on-page and technical SEO improvements, and executed off-page SEO tactics, resulting in higher search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved online visibility. 
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing (SMM): Developed and managed a content calendar featuring engaging visuals, videos, and posts tailored to the target audience, fostering greater engagement, expanding the client’s social media presence, and boosting brand awareness. 
  • High-Quality Content Creation: Produced SEO-optimized blogs, insightful case studies, and articles, establishing the client as an established name in the OTT solutions space and driving traffic to the website. 
  • Compelling Video Marketing: Produced product, promotional, and informational videos related to the OTT domain to visually communicate the client’s value propositions, driving higher engagement and retention rates. 
  • Performance Marketing Campaigns: Launched targeted Google Ads to drive qualified leads and support recruitment efforts, ensuring measurable returns on investment. 
  • Personalized Email Marketing: Developed targeted email campaigns for different products and services, nurturing leads, and enhancing customer relationships through tailored content. 
  • Effective Lead Generation: Achieved a steady flow of organic leads per month through a combination of strategic SEO, content marketing, and social media efforts. 

Value Unlocked

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