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Modernizing Talent Search

A Case Study in Recruitment for Universities

Project Awareness

The client, an online portal based in the US, specializes in facilitating international higher education and assists universities in sourcing top-tier C-Level executives. Leveraging their extensive internal networks and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, they were determined to refine their operations for heightened efficiency. Initially reliant on conventional methods such as mass email campaigns to reach potential candidates, they recognized the limitations of this approach. The fluctuating engagement levels on email platforms led to diminished applicant interest over time. The client needed a centralized portal for more seamless engagement. 

Client Objectives

  • To establish a centralized platform where all candidate profiles can be stored and managed efficiently, streamlining the recruitment process. 
  • Tailored job recommendations based on candidate preferences were sought to enhance user experience and increase the likelihood of successful placements. 
  • Improved engagement and reduced reliance on email by reducing reliance on email communication and providing a more interactive platform. 

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