Top 10 Tips to Promote Real Estate Projects with Digital Marketing

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Top 10 Tips to Promote Real Estate Projects with Digital Marketing

Real Estate is a traditional and ancient sector of business prevalent in age-old cultures like the Indus valley, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and so on. Over the years it has grown in technology, reach, offerings, and customer base. In the olden days, only rich people could afford to buy or sell properties, and marketing was confined to print media, TV, radio, hoardings, and others. But in this 21st century, which is an age of technology, communications, and the internet, the people opting to buy or sell properties are flocking the online websites for easy and hassle-free transactions. As the properties have become affordable to the middle class and higher middle class, these educated lots are increasingly using online channels to buy or sell properties. This has opened a new avenue of marketing called digital marketing for real estate business owners. They are opting for digital marketing techniques like SEO, PPC ads, email marketing, mobile marketing, website optimization, and so on.

Ten tips to promote real estate projects through digital marketing:

Have a good website

You should have an attractive and welcoming website with a lot of relevant project images and property search features which will attract more visitors to your website. It should give an impeccable user experience and provide easy navigation throughout the website.

Get SEO done for your website

As real estate is a location-based business, a lot of people search for properties based on locations, type of property, and budget. Hence, you can get your website optimized for constantly used keywords and local keywords often used by people searching for property or while selling a property. With a good SEO strategy, you can get higher rankings in Google search engine results.

Social Media Channels 

For promoting a real estate business among a large number of users who are active on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others, you have to promote digital marketing efforts through attractive posts across social media channels.

Have a mobile-friendly website 

With more and more people using smartphones to search for their favorite properties, you have to ensure that you have a mobile-friendly website that is responsive and adjusts to different screen sizes and devices. This will bring in a lot more mobile traffic to your website.

Use PPC ads 

Gone are the days of large real estate project cutouts hanging out in open crossroads and junctions. It is time now to attract customers online through PPC ads placed on the top search engine result pages. These ads bring visitors to your website when anyone clicks on them and you need to pay only for the clicks.

Send Effective Newsletters 

Make a habit of sending effective newsletters through email with attractive content and images regarding your ongoing real estate projects and about the plots and properties ready for sale. This will form a part of your digital email campaign.

Have attractive animations, walkthroughs, and videos

The most attractive aspect of a property for a prospective buyer is the ability to virtually see it. This can be achieved through attractive property videos and 3d walkthroughs. Seeing this, your website visitors can get converted into effective leads.

Enhance your Twitter Marketing

Twitter nowadays provides many tools to promote Twitter marketing with options to embed images and excerpts of content from your real estate website. You can also capture the different addresses in Google ads and use them on Twitter.

Have Pinterest boards

Use Pinterest boards to create interest among the visitors using images of a particular real estate project with content highlighting the advantages of its location. By seeing these boards, many Pinterest users may get attracted to your website.

Get Authentic Testimonial

With each client having a happy property deal with you, do not forget to ask for their testimonials. These positive testimonials on Google, your website, and other review sites add trust to your brand name and will propel your business to new heights.

BONUS TIP: Local citations:
Register your location map in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Optimize the “My business” listing with your keywords, images & content. This makes the user find you easily with the listed map & makes it, even more, easier to target a new audience in & around your site/project. Optimize your Google My business like a pro. Here is your Guide!

By effectively using the above-stated ten tips, the digital marketing agency can effectively market and sell real estate projects online. This will boost the real estate business and will give the highest ROI for digital marketing efforts.

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